National Museum of the American Indian

Oct 11, 2023 12:00 AM

To celebrate Native American Heritage Month, students were able to explore the national museum to increase their awareness and understanding of the Native people's culture. The vision and mission of the museum is:


Equity and social justice for the Native peoples of the Western Hemisphere through education, inspiration, and empowerment.


In partnership with Native peoples and their allies, the National Museum of the American Indian fosters a richer shared human experience through a more informed understanding of Native peoples. (

Although a little smaller than some of the other Smithsonian museums, this museum is still packed with vital information that can help expand our awareness and appreciation of the Native American history and culture. The ODEI will take additional trips to Washington, D.C. to experience other cultural and historical sites in the spring 2024 semester.

Buiding photo - National Museum of the American Indian
Building: National Museum of the American Indian

Exhibit in the Museum
Items on display inside of the museum that express the Native American culture.