Frost Hall


Frost Hall is home to many of FSU's Honors students. Partially renovated in 2007, Frost Hall was originally built in 1919 and named after Catherine Frost, the daughter-in-law of Frostburg's founder.

Who lives here? Coed by floor
Hall Theme Singles and Doubles
Room Layout Traditional
Bathrooms Community
Number of Residents 71
Room Options Single or double
Air Conditioning No
Internet WiFi and Ethernet (Included in Housing Cost)
Laundry Yes, first floor laundry room (Included in Housing Cost)
Parking Yes (Included in Housing Cost)
Kitchen Yes, first floor community kitchen
Elevator No
Furnishings bed, desk, dresser, chair and lockable closet for each student
Bed Size Twin XL
Cable TV Yes
Phone Jack Yes
Microfridge one per room
For housing cost information, please visit the Room and Board Charges page


Student bed, desk and micro fridge arrangement

Dorm room and closets in Frost Hall.