Material Safety Data Sheets

The Material Safety Data Sheets section includes the following topics.


The Safety Office is responsible for maintaining a Chemical Information List. A copy of this list may be obtained by calling x4897.

The Chemical Information List is updated as the Office of Human Resources Safety Office receives new Material Safety Data Sheets. The Chemical Information List is reviewed, revised and up-dated as new material and products are received at Frostburg State University.

Independent Contractors are advised of the availability of the Chemical Information List by one of the following:

  1. Project Specifications
  2. Pre-Bid and Work Initiation Conferences

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All purchase orders for hazardous chemicals (liquid, solid, or gases) will have the statement, "Material Safety Data Sheet shall accompany this product/material" typed on the purchase order. The Material Safety Data Sheet will accompany the product/material to the Frostburg State Central Receiving Department.

When the material arrives at Central Receiving, the Material Safety Data Sheet is removed from the package and sent to the Safety Office, third floor, Hitchins Administration Building. A copy is sent to the department purchasing the item; the original is on file at the Safety Office. If no Material Safety Data Sheet is received, the vendor is contacted in writing and asked to furnish one as required by the Federal standard.

When a new chemical is introduced into the workplace, a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet is sent to the Supervisor. At that time, the employees are notified by the Supervisor of the chemical, its health hazards, Personal Protective Equipment/Clothing needs and safe handling and storage requirements.

The following procedure is followed when replacing a current Material Safety Data Sheet:

  1. When received, a Material Safety Data Sheet is reviewed for the date of issue by manufacturer.
  2. The most recent date MSDS is then filed.
  3. The existing MSDS (old date) is removed from file and discarded.
  4. Copies of the new MSDS are distributed to Department Supervisors.

Independent Contractors are informed in the pre-bid and work initiation conferences of the location for all Material Safety Data Sheets related to the Chemical Information List. When the Contractor requires an MSDS, the Contractor shall notify the Safety Office and a copy of the required Material Safety Data Sheet shall be given to the Contractor.

The Independent Contractor is required by law to ensure that:

Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Chemicals and/or Products on site. 2. All employees are trained in the handling, storage and use of the chemicals/products.

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Any Frostburg State University employee may request access to Material Safety Data Sheets by contacting the Office of Human Resources Safety Office at x4897 during regular business hours.

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The responsibility for ensuring that all incoming containers are properly labeled has been assigned to the following:

  1. Central Receiving
  2. Department Chairs:
    1. Biology
    2. Chemistry
    3. Physics
    4. Visual Arts
    5. Brady Health Center
  3. Directors/Supervisors
  4. Working Foremen All labels must be legible, in English, and prominently displayed on each container.

All labels must contain the following information:

  1. The identity of the container contents
  2. The manufacturer's name and address
  3. All applicable specific target organ hazard warnings, e.g., "Hazardous to Eyes".

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The responsibility for ensuring that all in-plant containers are properly labeled has been assigned to the following:

  1. Department Chairs
    1. Biology
    2. Chemistry
    3. Physics
    4. Visual Arts
    5. Brady Health Center
  2. Directors/Supervisors
  3. Working Foremen

When additional information is required on a label, (e.g. personal protective equipment, hazard and first aid) it will be affixed to the container in one of the following manners:

  1. Written legibly on a tie tag
  2. Written legibly on a self-adhesive label
  3. Written legibly on the top or side of container

The individual employee working with the chemical shall be the responsible person to inform his/her supervisor if the existing label is incomplete.

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The responsibility for coordinating Frostburg State University's Employee's Right-to-Know Training has been assigned to: Office of Human Resources Safety Officer. The Maryland Access to Information About Hazardous and Toxic Substances Law Article 89, Section 32M, Employee Training and Education Program, shall govern the FSU program.

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The Department Chair or Department Head contemplating hazardous non-routine tasks will contact the Safety Office prior to the start of the job. The Safety Office will require that all current safety related standards to accomplish this task be complied with. This will include but not be limited to: ventilation, personal protective equipment and mechanical equipment. The Safety Officer shall visit the site of the non-routine task and view the workplace and identify any additional safety related equipment needed or procedures to be followed when notified.

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