Bobcat Fee Advisory Committee

The Board of Regents Policy on Student Tuition, Fees and Charges (VIII-2.50) mandates that each campus provides for student consultation in the process of reviewing and making recommendations to each USM campus President. In accordance with the policy, this allows for decisions to be most transparent. The policy states that each campus will establish an advisory committee to have input into the schedule of charges. The Bobcat Fee Advisory Committee (BFAC), established in the Fall 2021 term, will work with the office of the President, the office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, and the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs to review tuition, fees, and charges each year and submit to VPSA for transmittal of final recommendations.

 The student organizations and positions that serve on the BFAC are as follows:

  • President SGA
  • Vice President SGA
  • Student Life Chair SGA
  • DEI Chair SGA
  • President Fraternity Sorority Life
  • Representative of the Lane University Center
  • President Residence Hall Association
  • President University Program Board
  • President Student Athletic Advisory Council
  • Representative of Graduate Student Association
  • Independent Student Representatives
  • Representative from the President’s Leadership Circle


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Office of Student Affairs

Crystal Miller, Executive Administrative Assistant

Artie Lee Travis, Vice President