Mission Statement

Frostburg State University is a student-centered teaching and learning institution featuring experiential opportunities. The University offers students a distinctive and distinguished baccalaureate education along with a select set of applied master’s and doctoral programs. Frostburg serves regional and statewide economic and workforce development; promotes cultural enrichment, civic responsibility, and sustainability; and prepares future leaders to meet the challenges of a complex and changing global society.

Vision Statement

The Department of Assessment and Institutional Research (AIR) provides a broad range of services to faculty, staff, students, and administrative offices both internally and externally. These services include: supporting university-wide planning and assessment efforts; developing and conducting student engagement studies; developing and conducting analytical studies; developing and distributing a wide range of data products for internal and external individuals, groups, units, and organizations; supporting administrative (deans, department chairs) evaluation efforts; conducting program reviews for internal and external agencies; and supporting studies for the Faculty Senate.

Core Values

Commitment: The Department of Assessment and Institutional Research is committed to upholding the values set forth in the University’s Mission Statement.
The Department seeks to expand and enrich the integrity of the data and information disseminated throughout the campus community.

The Department is committed to providing the campus community with the highest quality of data possible in a timely and efficient manner.

Technology: The Department of Assessment and Institutional Research continues to seek productivity enhancements through the use of technology and will conduct all research in concurrence with established technical standards.

Staff Development: The Office of Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research will seek to advance their technical and professional ability, knowledge, and proficiency and will be aware of changes in the discipline.

Ethics: Accountability in accurately reflecting the university’s characteristics.
Integrity in compiling and maintaining the University’s data.
Reliability in the quality of report analysis and findings.
Collegiality in working across departmental and divisional units.

Fundamental Assumptions

  • Strives to keep abreast of issues affecting the University.
  • Seeks to deliver to its customers an understanding of how information can be used to best support their research activities.
  • Looks to foster relationships with campus constituencies to best coordinate and ensure reliable and confidential data collection and reporting.
  • Proactively initiates information in response to issues within our institution and in higher education in general.
  • Implements new systems to meet campus demands.