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Here in the Computer Science and Information Technologies Department we strive to provide you with the latest research and understanding in the fields of computer science and information systems. To succeed, you need a solid foundation in the core concepts, but you also need to learn and be comfortable with problem solving and decision-making.

You have options...

Computers are pervasive in our everyday lives. From hardware and software to everything in between, there are a variety of ways that you can become an expert in this growing field. Choose from our multiple options:

  • Complementary Programs

    *These programs are administered outside the Computer Science Department, but are shown here as programs that students frequently explore as complements to their major. Talk with your advisor for more information.

    • Minor in Mathematics*
    • Focus in Mathematics*
    • other*


How are they different?

Computer Science (CS)


Upon graduating from the CS program, you have a theoretical understanding of computer science and how to apply the knowledge obtained to solve a problem. You are capable of adapting quickly to the needs of an employer. You have the ability to solve difficult, potentially unexplored, problems from all areas of society. Using an appropriate computer language, you can contribute to the solution.

Careers you may pursue with a Computer Science degree include:

  • Software developer
  • Network control specialist
  • Distributed systems programmer (e.g., Corba and RMI
  • Network programming specialist
  • Network security specialist
  • Game developer

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Upon graduating from the CIS program, you have the theoretical and applied understanding of how data and information are stored and manipulated in and across organizations. You are capable of programming databases and various support systems (e.g., expert systems, decision support systems, transaction processing systems). Because you were required to take business courses, you have enhanced your understanding of how businesses use data and information.

Careers you may pursue with a Computer Information Systems degree include:

  • Database administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Data warehouse specialist
  • Back-end website programmer
  • SAP net weaver programmer


Information Technology (ITEC)

TRACKS: Computer Security, Business IT, Accounting, Graphic Arts, Mass Communications

Upon graduating from the ITEC program, you understand how technology--both hardware and software--is used to enhance an organization. You are the agent of change when an organization requires new technologies. You help it streamline and become more competitive.

Careers you may pursue with a Information Technology degree include:

  • System analyst
  • System engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Help desk manager
  • Data modeler
  • Network auditor
  • Database administrator
  • UX analyst

Secure Computing and Information Assurance (SCIA)

The Secure Computing and Information Assurance program addresses the national shortage of cyber security professionals in government and private industry. On graduating from the SCIA program, you understand the importance of securing all forms of technology used by an organization (e.g., communications, software, networks, data and information). You help organizations prevent security breaches by integrating off-the-shelf and custom security measures in existing security procedures. Security best practices are explored in all areas of computing.

Careers you may pursue with a Secure Computing & Information Assurance degree include:

  • Network security specialist
  • Software tester
  • Secure software engineer
  • Cyber incident responder
  • Cyber risk analyst
  • Computer forensics specialist


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