Student Appeals

Petition for Exception to Program Requirements


  1. It is the sole responsibility of the student to initiate this petition and all supporting documentation to the Office of Assessment (for the Education Preparation Provider) at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the start of the semester or session for which such an exception would be necessary, unless institutional actions make meeting such a deadline impossible. In such an instance, the petition must be filed within one (1) business day of the student’s notification that a deficiency exists.

  2. All materials should be emailed to

  3. Materials must be complete upon submission and include:

    1. The Petition check list;
    2. A cover letter detailing the exception requested, the reasons for the request, and shall be signed by the student and the student’s educational program advisor;
    3. A printout of the student’s grades at Frostburg State University, as well as any transfer credits necessary for the committee to determine program eligibility;
    4. Any additional supporting documentation such as Praxis scores, letters of support, or information that would enable the committee to evaluate the request.

  4. The committee shall meet and issue a decision on the petition prior to the start of the semester or session unless the timing of the petition makes such impossible, in which case the committee shall act as promptly as the academic calendar permits.

*Please note that in unusual circumstances, the committee may have the student to attend the meeting.