Progress and Graduation Requirements

Honors Program tripMost of the students in the Honors Program are pursuing the distinction of graduating with "Honors in General Education." This distinction is awarded to students who complete the following Honors Program requirements:

  • Honors Program Advising Roadmap

  • Sample Student Progress Report

  • English 111, 300 or 312

  • 15-17 credit hours of Honors variants of GEP courses from an approved list

  • 6 credit hours of interdisciplinary courses
    • IDIS 351 Honors Advanced Colloquium
    • IDIS 491 Honors Seminar
    • IDIS 493 Honors Thesis
    • Experiential Learning Option: Approved Study Abroad course, Undergraduate Research Project, Internship, Departmental Recital or other experiential learning experience (3 credits will count for the Honors Program requirement on approval of the Honors Program Advisory Group. Pre-approval is necessary.)

Honors students must earn a 3.0 average in all courses within the program to meet Honors requirements and have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average upon graduation.

Students who receive a score of 3 or 4 on either AP English test (or participate in an approved dual-enrollment English course in high school) will receive ENGL 101, but not ENGL 111. If credit for ENGL 101 has already been earned, students should plan to take ENGL 300 or 312 during their junior year. Students who receive a score of 5 on either AP English test, however, will receive credit for ENGL 111: Honors: Freshman Composition.

Honors Experiential Learning course work, IDIS 493 Honors Thesis and IDIS 491 Honors Seminars may, with departmental approval, count towards requirements in the major. IDIS 491 credit hours may, with approval of the Honors Program Advisory Group, substitute for portions of the Modes of Inquiry section of the General Education Program.

Students and their advisors will receive a letter each semester informing them of the students' progress toward completion of the Honors Program requirements.