Strategic Communication

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Experience world-ready learning opportunities as you master the skillful art of strategic communication to emerge as an effective communicator and leader in any career and life.

We live in a highly diverse and interactive world that is influenced through human and mediated communication. Being equipped to connect, inform, persuade and negotiate with others is essential.

As an FSU Strategic Communication major, you will be involved in the study and practice of leading through strategic communication, including developing messaging, building relationships, respecting diverse cultural identities and managing effective and influential organizational and public communication.

From identity and culture to groups and organizations, communication skills are a vital in both face-to-face and online settings. You will emerge as a communication specialist ready to lead the way as a practitioner of strategic communication and emerging media.


Strategic Communication Program Highlights

  • Practice how to communicate in dynamic ways to be a strategic communication leader within organizations and communities as well as on social media.

  • Participate in and assist in facilitating campus and community discussions within our Communication Leadership Lab so you learn how to engage courageously, persuasively and civilly.

  • Learn and work alongside FSU expert faculty who have experience in public relations, dialogue and deliberation, research and practices.

  • Network locally, regionally and nationally through campus and community leadership development opportunities for research and practice, as well as graduate study options.

What can I do with a strategic communication degree?


Fact about program: Median pay for communication graduates (BLS 2021)

Related Occupations

Public Relations Specialist



Social Media Specialist

Communication Strategist

Technical Writers


Marketing Manager

As a Strategic Communication graduate, you can obtain a fulfilling and successful career in private, government and non-profit sectors. Traditional careers that benefit from your skillset include public relations director/marketing manager/social media specialist, corporate trainer, nonprofit leader/fundraising specialist, communication/political strategist, grant writer, professor or attorney.

What You'll Learn

You will gain insights, a strong portfolio and the knowledge and skills for your chosen career path. Majors select from two academic tracks:

Strategic Communication Leadership where you will learn to manage differences and create trust and common purpose in relationships, organizations and communities while developing your own and others' ability to lead and communicate in influential and motivating ways.

Strategic Social Media in which you will receive the tools to create effective messaging and manage interactions in online social media contexts that represent and extend to the campaigns, organizations, and communities they serve.

Our Alumni

Our strategic communication graduates have gone on to a variety of successful careers.

Job Titles

  • Social media specialists
  • Government consultants
  • Non-profit leaders
  • Grant writers
  • Professors