Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies

Communication is a cornerstone for professional success

The shift from information age to social age has impacted our identities, cultures, relationships and politics and being able to effectively communicate will make you a vital part of any organization or workplace.

The Communication Studies program will teach you the HOW and WHY of communication. Explore theory, rhetoric and interpersonal and cross-cultural communication. Identify how variables in interaction influence our individual, social, political and cultural experiences. And with a flexible curriculum, you can pursue your passions, focusing on areas of culture, advocacy or diversity.

In the workplace, at home and in the world, students with a degree in Communication Studies are the cornerstones of many organizations managing problems, building networks and achieving unified goals.

What you will study

The Communication Studies curriculum is comprised of 120 credits (3 cr. per course) including four areas of requirements:

  1. Core Courses (18 credits): a broad foundation for understanding all communication and media disciplines required of all students in the Communication Studies program
  2. Communication Studies Tracks (18 credits): chose from one of three tracks to develop a major-related expertise
    • Conflict Communication Studies
    • Leadership Communication Studies
    • Public Communication & Rhetorical Studies
  3. General education courses (40 credits): foundational studies that make up a liberal arts education – e.g. writing, humanities, math and sciences (required of all University students pursuing a bachelor's degree)
  4. Free electives (36 credits): exploration of additional areas of interest or inclusion of a Minor

Like all Communication Studies students at Frostburg, you will complete a practicum or internship in which you'll take what you learn in the classroom and apply it in a real-world organization. Not only does this boost your resume with real-world experience, but you'll learn from people already in the field.

Finally, Communication Studies provides a flexible curriculum so that you can take a minor in a variety of areas. This allows you to develop an expanded knowledge base and additional areas of specialty.

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Career Outlook for Communications Specialists:

Communications specialists can find a career in just about any business. All organizations value good communication skills and need them to keep up strong relationships between employees and between the organization and the public. Communications-related jobs are experiencing about average growth, with a 12% increase projected between 2012 and 2022. For more information, visit U.S. Government Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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