Minor in Film Studies

Investigate the world around you through the magic of movies!

Who doesn't’t love a good film? Cinema is a widespread and highly visible part of American culture, but can you really tell what a movie is about? Film studies students examine the history and technique of film-making to better understand what impact a film might have, what it says about society or what the creators were trying to communicate. They use their observational skills to put film into perspective as a type of text and better understand its role in the world around them.

Frostburg’s program helps you develop your visual literacy, learning to read texts by studying one of the most pervasive media forms of modern culture. You’ll gain a set of highly desirable critical thinking and communication skills while you deepen your understanding of the films and cultures around you.

  • Learn to read, analyze and interpret film as a distinct art form.
  • Add a minor in Film Studies to any academic major with 18 credit hours.

Film Studies Highlights

  • Engage in a small classroom experience that fosters communication and active involvement in every class.
  • Discover a new side to the movies you know and love. With your insights, you’ll better understand the craft of film makers and be able to identify a movie’s message and impact.
  • Build up your critical thinking and communication skills by applying them to a modern and widespread medium.
  • Explore film as a medium for sharing cultures, ideas and voices around the world and for reshaping the very societies it reflects.
  • Enjoy the latest blockbusters in your spare time. FSU’s University Programming Council frequently hosts free screenings of recent popular films.

About Our Film Studies Faculty:

  • Delve into the art of cinema with professors who have an appreciation and passion for good film.

Sample Film Studies Courses:

Introduction to Film Studies – A cross-cultural examination of film with a focus on developing critical skills and formal approaches to cinematic styles through such concepts as genre, cinematography, camera movement and sound. Weekly film viewing.

Film and American Culture – Critical investigation of popular American movies, emphasizing the role films have historically played in projecting, reflecting and challenging cultural values and beliefs. Weekly film screening.

Film Theory – Critical survey of world film with an emphasis on theoretical schools and movements. Three hours discussion with a weekly film viewing.

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Career Outlook for Film Studies Graduates

Film Studies students possess analytical, critical thinking and communication skills that are highly valued in any profession. While some students may build careers as directors or producers, many will find their skills equally useful in fields like marketing, public relations, graphic design and professional writing, as well as in everyday life. For more information, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ page on Producers and Directors or explore prospects in a variety of fields.

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