Bachelor in Mathematics

Build your career in a science that doubles as a cornerstone of countless other fields!

A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Frostburg State University can give you the skills and experience you need to start your career in what has been called the “queen of the sciences.” Mathematicians are valued in all fields, from the hard sciences to the arts, for their analytical skills and insight into the processes of every-day life. You could find yourself working in almost any business you can dream of!

Frostburg’s Mathematics program applies the study of mathematics to real-world problems. You’ll find cutting-edge facilities and a supportive, enthusiastic community ready and waiting to get you the undergraduate experience of a lifetime.

  • Start your future in a rapidly growing field that’s paving the way for tomorrow’s latest and greatest innovations.
  • Explore a variety of interests. FSU’s Mathematics program emphasizes the connections between disciplines and math’s integral role in many of them.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Highlights:

  • Make yourself at home in the Mathematics Department’s state-of-the-art suite in the new Center for Communications and Information Technology, where you can get hands-on experience with modern tools and prepare to enter the professional world.
  • Enter a growing and in-demand field. Most mathematics graduates easily find jobs working in their preferred area.
  • Take part in an optional internship program, which gives you the chance to apply your education off-campus and get some top-notch experience for your resume.
  • Explore unique scholarship opportunities just for mathematics majors! Mathematics students can also earn work-study money by tutoring their fellow students.
  • Thrive in small, personable classes, which typically have only 15 students in advanced courses. Smaller class sizes allow you to interact one-on-one with your teachers and peers and explore unique learning opportunities.

About Our Mathematics Faculty:

  • Meet passionate and energetic professors who can help you realize your dreams. Every student gets a faculty academic advisor picked just for them to become an invaluable source of advice, out-of-the-classroom experience and learning opportunities.

Sample Mathematics Courses You May Take:

Linear Algebra I – Systems of linear equations, matrices and linear transformations, determinants and vector spaces.

Introductory Topology – The topology of Euclidean space; homeomorphisms and quotient maps; connectedness; compactness; topological surfaces; simplicial complexes and surfaces; the Euler characteristic.

Modern College Geometry – An introductory synthetic study of geometry: finite, absolute, affine, Euclidean, hyperbolic, elliptic and projective geometries.

Modern Higher Algebra – Basic study of the structure of groups and rings: isomorphism theorems; special kinds of rings; additional topics.

Find out more about Frostburg State University’s mathematics program requirements.

Career Outlook for Mathematicians:

Graduates of mathematics programs can begin careers in a number of analytical positions as actuaries, operations research analysts, statisticians and professional mathematicians. The mathematics field is relatively small but growing much faster than most other fields, and employers typically offer competitive pay for mathematicians’ highly specialized and desirable skills. A mathematics degree also puts graduates in a strong position to win graduate school admission or teaching positions. For more information on possible careers, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ pages on Mathematics Occupations -  U.S. Government Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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