Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Build your career in a science that doubles as a cornerstone of countless other fields.

Develop the skills and experience you need to start your career in what has been called the "queen of the sciences." Mathematicians are valued in all fields, from the hard sciences to the arts, for their analytical skills and insight into the processes of every-day life. You could find yourself working in almost any business you can dream of!

FSU offers a modern approach to mathematics that adds up to a very marketable career. Companies hire mathematicians because they are the among the most trainable college graduates. The focus of every mathematics class is to take a situation, get it sorted out into logical components and see the big structure. Employers know that a mathematician can adapt to any problem that they have because they ask questions, wanting to know why everything works, which helps companies interrogate their own procedures. Mathematics majors also consistently earn the top score on the LSAT and the MCAT.

Frostburg’s Mathematics program applies the study of mathematics to real-world problems. You’ll find cutting-edge facilities and a supportive, enthusiastic community ready and waiting to get you the undergraduate experience of a lifetime.

  • Start your future in a rapidly growing field that’s paving the way for tomorrow’s latest and greatest innovations.
  • Explore a variety of interests. FSU’s Mathematics program emphasizes the connections between disciplines and math’s integral role in many of them.

Mathematics Program Highlights

  • Choose from two main paths -- a mathematics major and the additional certification for secondary education, which is operated through FSU’s College of Education and Health & Natural Sciences.

  • Take part in our recently revamped, modern curriculum which contains more applied tools to help you with your next level master/Ph.D. programs..

  • Learn in a modern teaching environment with opportunities for students to work and create together.

  • Dig deeper with two extensive capstone experiences (a theoretical capstone class with a research topic of your choosing and applied capstone class where you build a mathematical model for a real-world scenario, analyze it and use that model to make predictions).

  • Get paid experience as a learning assistant for special sessions and help facilitate group work to gain teaching experience and leadership/management skills.

What can I do with a Mathematics degree?


Median pay for Mathematics occupations (BLS 2021)

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With the three major tracks, you can become a secondary education teacher, attend graduate school (masters or Ph.D.) or go into industry. Within industry, there are many paths forward by working at firms like IBM, Northrop Grumman, financial institutions and more.

What You'll Learn

As a mathematics major, you learn to approach problems that you’ve never seen before. How will you take a problem and “mathematic” it? By precision: you will learn to write what you mean and mean what you write. Mathematicians also attend to approximation by learning when approximations are appropriate, why they break down and how to interpret them. 

Our Alumni

Our mathematics graduates have gone on to a variety of successful careers.

Job Titles

  • Analyst
  • Math Teacher
  • Statistician 


  • IBM
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Sheetz Corp.

A Frostburg State education: more valuable than ever.

With nationally recognized academic programs, real-world learning experiences, a top-notch support system, and a thriving student life, Frostburg State is a place where you can discover yourself, define your goals, and prepare for your future.

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