Bachelor of Science in Physics

Explore the fundamental laws of nature with a physics degree

Physics is about studying the laws that govern our very existence. From the big bang to small particle behavior, Physics approaches nature on a fundamental level from the largest to the smallest scale.

At Frostburg State, you will investigate the mechanics behind matter and motion through time and space. Deconstruct and solve problems by applying basic principles through experiments and mathematical analysis. Curious about how the world works? Then Physics is the right program for you.

You Have Options

You can choose the Traditional Track or the Engineering Physics Track, which includes courses from the engineering programs. Physics courses include:

  • Classical Mechanics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Introduction to Computational Physics
  • Capstone Senior Research and Seminar

Beyond the Classroom

With research opportunities, creative projects and state-of-the-art facilities, the physics program can prepare you for graduate school, careers in research or academia, or careers in a wide variety of related fields.

In addition to coursework, you'll have a variety of ways to build your skill set and resume.

  • Conduct undergraduate research and with experienced faculty in your area of interest. Research areas include renewable energy, astrophysics, wireless sensors, acoustics, and computational physics.
  • Use cutting-edge technology. The Compton Science Center is full of specialized, modern labs, including data-acquisition equipment and software that stores and analyzes your data.
  • Gain real-world experience with opportunities like service learning, internships, summer employment and lab assistant work-studies.
  • Work in multi-disciplinary teams to develop critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Meet your peers in the Physics & Engineering Club and take part in fun projects and outreach outside of class.



About Our Physics Faculty

  • Learn one-on-one with your professors in small classes that give you an abundance of resources and guidance.
  • Explore the university with faculty involved in extracurricular activities around campus, such as the brand-new FSU planetarium.
  • Discover your interest in physics with professors who can provide you with unique hands-on learning, such as interdisciplinary capstone project development and collaboration opportunities.

Meet our faculty


Frostburg State's Compton Science Center is a state-of-the art facility featuring a variety of classrooms and labs. Our campus also features it's very own observatory and planetarium.

advanced physics lab


Career Outlook for Physicists

For research and academia, physicists need a Ph.D., although physicist positions in the federal government require a bachelor's degree in physics. Many physics graduates are employed in engineering or computer science fields as well. For more information, visit the American Institute of Physics or the Bureau of Labor Statistics - Physicists.


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