Bachelor of Science in Social Science

See the bigger picture with the interdisciplinary study of humanity itself!

By studying Social Science, you'll gain perspectives from a variety of fields including psychology, geography and political science all in one program. Integrate these diverse fields to assemble a holistic view of human behavior. Learn to think critically, considering all the factors of a situation and communicating your thoughts clearly. With courses that draw from a huge array of topics in several fields, you’ll gain a broad skill set particularly appropriate for students interested in working in government, law, business or social services.

What You Will Learn

Like all students at FSU, you'll take a broad foundation of general education coursework.

The Social Science interdisciplinary curriculum is comprised of a broad foundation for understanding human thought and behavioral drawing from economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology.

Specialize your studies with six customizable tracks, combining the widely applicable skills gained in general social science studies with the rigor of a focus area:

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Sample Social Science Courses:

Human Geography – Systematic consideration of factors influencing the distribution of human beings in relation to population dynamics and migration, economic development and urbanization and cultural diversity.

Introduction to Comparative Politics – Comparative analysis of representative political systems including: the effect of legal, institutional and social structures on policy; interaction of domestic policies and the global system.

Social Problems – Description and analysis of conditions that societies define and treat as social problems. Analysis of selected problems.

Racial and Cultural Minorities – Analysis of minority-majority group situations, their causes and consequences. Minorities in the United States.

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Beyond the Classroom

In addition to coursework, you'll have a variety of ways to build your skill set and resume:

  • Meet your peers and make new friends in the student-run Sociology and Anthropology Association.
  • Take part in fun cultural events like the Appalachian Festival and Mountain City Traditional Arts’ many offerings. Frostburg is a hub of regional culture and social happenings, so there’s always plenty to get involved with!

Career Outlook for Social Scientists

The job field for social scientists is small but growing, with a 15% increase in positions expected between 2012 and 2022. Social scientists possess widely applicable analysis and communication skills and are frequently needed in other fields. This opens up a huge number of new possibilities, and applicants will likely face less competition than in more specifically sociological careers. Focusing a degree program in a subfield, such as political science, psychology or geography, will give the applicant extra appeal in careers outside the strictly sociological. Possible positions include political analyst, demographer, survey researcher, statistician, sales and marketing, administration, management and teaching. For more information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ webpages on Sociologists and Community and Social Service Occupations, or check out the American Sociological Association.


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