Minor in Fine Arts

Explore your abilities with an adventure into the world of art.

Frostburg State University’s minor in Fine Arts is perfect for anyone with an interest in art. As a highly hands-on field, the FSU Arts program strongly emphasizes experiential learning and offers a variety of focuses to help you find your passion. Whether you want to work in dark room photography, explore traditional and experimental illustration styles, sample paints from oils and acrylics to watercolor, experiment with various kilns for firing ceramics or create stunning linocut and silkscreen prints, the Fine Arts possibilities are endless. The soft-skills fostered in the arts program, like good communication, creativity and critical thinking, are valued abilities in any business. No matter where you go in life, a Fine Arts minor can help prepare you to make the most of it.

  • Take your craft to the next level with a well-rounded art education that gives you the knowledge and abilities you need to advance.
  • Develop a portfolio and give your future in art an auspicious start.

Fine Arts Highlights

  • Explore your interests with a broad selection of elective studio classes in a variety of media.
  • Bolster a hobby, pursue an interest or strengthen a non-arts degree with the creativity and critical thinking skills intrinsic to art studies.
  • Have an impact on campus and in local communities. Many art courses involve collaboration with other departments and with organizations in the Frostburg region to let your art meet a need and make a difference.
  • Make your minor both diverse and thorough with introductory and advanced classes in drawing, ceramics, illustration, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

About Our Fine Arts Faculty:

  • Learn from our professional visual arts faculty members who have expertise in a wide range of creative media and regularly exhibit their work.
  • Interact with distinguished visiting artists and designers who mentor our art and design students each semester.

Sample Fine Arts Courses:

Ceramics:  Introduction to ceramic processes, history and aesthetics of ceramic form; an exploration of functional and sculptural ceramics. Studio performance stressed.

Sculpture: Introduction to classical and contemporary concepts of form and media of sculpting. Physical properties of structure and the nature of materials.  

Painting: Color, form, shape and texture; problems in formal and expressive relationships. Studio performance stressed.    

Printmaking: Introduction to relief, intaglio, planographic and serigraphic processes.

Studio performance stressed.

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Career Outlook for Fine Arts professionals

A minor in Fine Arts can help you expand on another field of study, explore an interest or develop a hobby in the creative arts. The online community is bursting with opportunities for artists of all skill levels to show off their talents and sell their work on e-commerce or personal websites. Graphic designers are increasingly in demand and can find work with organizations and contracting services at an office or from their own home. Fine Arts minors may also discover an interest in teaching and can pursue advanced degrees and certification in secondary-level art education. For more information, visit the U.S. Government Occupational Outlook Handbook to review craft and fine artists details.

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