Art History


Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate our visual world.

Our contemporary experience is largely defined by global awareness and interconnectedness. This experience is increasingly visual, with images across a range of media shaping our understanding of our world and ourselves. 

On a fundamental level, the study of art history develops the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate our visual world and appreciate the formative role that images play in our lives. As a discipline, art history is at the core of the humanities, exploring visual culture from a variety of perspectives in order to analyze, criticize, and understand the ways through which human beings have expressed themselves and their aspirations throughout history.

If art is a language, art history teaches us how to read and interpret it, and move beyond the surface appearance of things. Getting a minor in art history, no matter what you major in, can help you look at and engage with the world on a thoughtful, more nuanced level.  


Art History Program Highlights

  • Enjoy access to artwork on view in Frostburg’s Stephanie Ann Roper Gallery, a large professional exhibition space that features work from international, national and local artists.

  • Take advantage of Frostburg’s proximity to some of the world’s top art museums in nearby cities such as Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

  • Study the aesthetic, historical, psychological, and sociological critique of art objects and cultural practices.

  • Learn how to critically examine a variety of media, from temples to textiles, photography to fashion, and paintings to performance.

What can I do with an art history degree?


Median pay for archivist/curator (BLS 2021)

Related Occupations



Museum Worker


Whether you plan to continue your education in art history or a related field, or pursue a major in a different field entirely, knowing how to think critically about visual culture will ensure you are a well-rounded communicator. 

What You'll Learn

The Visual Arts department’s faculty members bring together decades of professional and educational experience to deliver excellence in teaching and challenge students to excel through exciting projects. Learn more about our faculty. 

  • Core courses include a diverse range of classes in Western and Global art, as well as Art Criticism.
  • Round out your art history minor with electives that allow you to dig deeper into topics such as Women/Gender and the Visual Arts, 19th Century Art History, Greek and Roman Art, Renaissance and Baroque Art History, and Global Contemporary Art.

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