Minor in Public Relations

Make a future connecting your company to the world.

Want to make a living off your social media savvy, or add a highly versatile and desirable program to your degree? A minor in Public Relations could be perfect for you! Public relations specialists play a vital part in the image of any organization, whether the work through the social media they monitor, recommendations they make for ad campaigns or releases they write for newspapers. Even outside of strictly PR roles, students who have studied public relations possess a whole collection of media and communication skills that can be valuable in any aspect of life.

Frostburg State University’s minor in Public Relations features internship opportunities and hands-on classes designed to build up a portfolio and get you in the door to the public relations world. With up-to-date technology and a team of professionally active faculty mentors, FSU is ready to prepare you for an exciting career in public relations.

  • Complement the major of your choice with a minor in Public Relations, turning you from a good hire into an invaluable asset in any field.

Public Relations Highlights

  • Enter a booming field that just keeps growing! As the world develops ever more means of communication, businesses, non-profits and organizations large and small are increasingly expected to stay in touch with the public through a growing number of media.
  • Take on an optional public relations internship, an extremely valuable experience for developing your skills through real-world application and for getting a head-start in the PR industry.
  • Combine you minor in Public Relations with any other major to diversify your skill set and increase your potential as a new hire.
  • Enjoy graphic design and media production classes in FSU’s Gira Center for Communications and Information Technology, a modern facility housing the latest in technology resources.
  • Take advantage of great opportunities to present your most notable projects and research at FSU’s Undergraduate Research Symposium and other conferences.

About Our Public Relations Faculty:

  • Work with a diverse group of faculty who span departments, with backgrounds that include digital video, photography, creative writing, organizations and marketing.
  • Meet coordinator Andy Duncan, who has 14 years of experience in journalism and whose works of fiction have won two World Fantasy Awards and been published in numerous collections and magazines.

Sample Public Relations Courses:

Journalistic Writing – Introduction to the journalism industry, including citizen journalism. Effective, responsible and deadline-driven newsgathering, reporting and editing. Specialized demands of straight news, feature stories and the public-relations profession.

Introduction to Video Production – Principles and practices of video field production. Focus on visual composition, lighting and sound, production, planning and operation of portable video recording equipment. Emphasis on shooting and editing for broadcast, non-broadcast and multimedia applications.

Seminar in Public Relations – Provides an overview of the public relations process: planning, execution and evaluation. Emphasis is placed on news releases, media pitches, backgrounders, features, websites and social media, reports, proposals, newsletters, brochures, public service announcements and posters.

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Career Outlook for Public Relations Specialists

Graduates of FSU’s Public Relations minor program possess a collection of highly valued skills and can find positions in almost any type of business, organization or government agency. General responsibilities include maintaining a positive public image for the company, providing accurate and timely information on short notice and creating good communication with the public, media, consumers or any other party. Public relations specialists must have strong communication skills and are increasingly expected to be familiar with social media, as they may be asked to monitor and maintain organization profiles on sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. For more information, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ pages on Public Relations Specialists.

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