Minor in Women's Studies 

Challenge the way you see the world.

Frostburg State University’s program in Women’s Studies opens students’ eyes and minds to the complexity of the world around them by highlighting gender, culture and other factors that play into the workings of society. As a women’s studies student, you’ll explore the impact gender and other types of diversity have on all aspects of a society, from performing arts to hard sciences and from impoverished families to social elites. The program fosters abilities that are useful wherever you go in life, providing insight into the social issues of the day, building critical thinking skills and giving you a multicultural and multidisciplinary perspective that will help you interact successfully no matter who you encounter.\

  • Gain a broader understanding of the society around you with this 18-credit program.
  • Explore women’s studies in a multicultural and interdisciplinary program that connects to departments all around the university.

Women’s Studies Highlights 

  • Make your minor fit your major program with a wide variety of electives, including classes in art, English, history, music, philosophy, economics, psychology, sociology, business and theatre!
  • Dig into the experience and impact women have had across cultures and throughout history.
  • Examine traditions and ideas concerning women from their historical roots to the influence they have on women and society today.
  • Get involved in your studies with course options that include seminar, practicum or independent study-style classes that let you play an active role in your learning experience.
  • Identify and help remedy past neglect and bias faced by women in traditional scholarship, whether in your classes outside women’s studies or in your professional life.

About Our Women’s Studies Faculty: 

  • Connect with committed professors from all across the university, including the departments of sociology, history, English, psychology, philosophy and communications.

Sample Women’s Studies Courses:

Introduction to Women’s Studies – A multicultural and multidisciplinary survey of the traditional assumptions about women. Students will gain an understanding of the intersection of gender with race, class, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation, and issues of ability/disability. 

Women, Health and Healing – A feminist examination and analysis of women’s experiences with health and illness, including women’s roles in health care systems as patients and care providers. This course provides an in-depth discussion of the impact of gender on women’s health, including the ways health problems are defined and treated.

Psychology of Women – Explores women’s psychological development and experience. Covers sex roles and how society’s attitudes about girls and women affect female self-concept, personality, relationships and work experience. Topics also include women of color, sexual harassment, violence against women and spirituality.

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Career Outlook for Women’s Studies Graduates 

Many employers value graduates of women’s studies programs because they possess a distinct awareness of the people and social systems around them. Beyond any on-paper qualifications, graduates of these programs are typically better able to relate to and cooperate with co-workers and clients from a variety of backgrounds, an important quality in an increasingly global world. Graduates also benefit from their developed critical thinking and communication skills. For information on a specific field, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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