Cisco Webex

Webex is an online conferencing tool accessed through the Cisco Webex Education Connector Available by Enabling it in a Canvas course, and has many uses such as:

  • Online Office hours
  • Lectures
  • Small group collaboration
  • Sessions can be accessed from your Canvas courses and the link
  • Records sessions/lectures



You can see more about Cisco Webex in the Teachers's Guide

Set Up Webex in Your Canvas 

Additional Features

Course Integration

Cisco Webex is accessed through your Canvas course and allows you to record sessions.

Set Up Audio

Set up audio and video in Webex.

Get a Closer Look

Share content in Webex

Live Closed Captioning

This provides accessible alternatives to audio content and can improve the learning experience for students who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as for students whose native language is different from the moderator’s.

This university uses Cisco Webex and is not endorsed or certified by Webex.