Instructional Software

The Department of Instructional Design and Technology supports a variety of useful tools that enhance the educational experience for students and a provides a richer delivery method for instructors.

  • BigBlueButton

    BigBlueButton™ is a browser-based web conferencing tool that makes distance teaching and learning simpler. BigBlueButton can be used for online office hours, lectures, and small group collaboration. Recorded sessions can be accessed through directly through a Canvas course.


  • Canvas

    Canvas is Frostburg State University's Learning Management System that allows users to access course materials, announcements, assignments, tests, and grades. They can also collaborate online through discussion boards, blogs, wikis, and more.


  • provides high-quality online tutorials covering software, creative elements, and business skills to supplement curricula, promote faculty and staff development, support classroom technologies, and drive student engagement and success.

  • Respondus LockDown Browser

    Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) is a custom browser that locks the testing environment within Canvas. LDB is used for securing online exams in classrooms or proctored environments. When students use LDB to log into their Canvas test, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. Once an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit for grading.
    Compatible with Mac and Windows.

    Instructor Resources
    Student Resources

    NOTE: It is important to know that Respondus LockDown Browser is installed in all computer labs at Frostburg State University. For instructors and students to use this software in another location (i.e. home, work) you must use the following link to download and install the software.

    Respondus Lockdown Browser

    Respondus Monitor

    Respondus Monitor is a companion product for LockDown Browser. It protects the integrity of non-proctored, online exams. Students use their own computer and a webcam to record assessment sessions without leaving the Canvas course.

    How It Works

    • Students start LockDown Browser, log into Canvas and complete a brief startup sequence prior to the exam
    • The student and their surrounding area are recorded during the exam
    • Instructors can review the recorded video

    Student Guides

    Setup Requirements

    • Technology Requirements
    • Adobe Flash Player
    • Web camera (internal or external) & microphone
    • A broadband internet connection
  • Turning Point Technologies

    Turning Point's Canvas integration tool allows students to register their responsive devices in Canvas. This integrations provides additional funcitonality for instructors. Integration into Canvas allows faculty to:

    1. Download class rosters and load participant lists to track student learning during interactive TurningPoint sessions.
    2. Upload session data and scores to the Canvas Grade Center.
    3. Communicate interactive session results to students via emailed reports.
  • Turnitin

    Turnitin is an award winning web-based plagiarism detection service. Papers are compared with those in several Turnitin databases, as well as other large academic proprietary databases. FSU is integrating Turnitin with our Learning Management System, Canvas.

    Turnitin Resources


    Turnitin LTI Tool for Canvas - How Instructors Create a Turnitin LTI Assignment in the Canvas LMS from Turnitin on Vimeo.


    Turnitin LTI Tool for Canvas - How Students Submit a Document to a Turnitin Assignment from Turnitin on Vimeo.

  • VidGrid

    VidGrid is a video communication platform that allows users to capture, host, and share video. Organization and management tools are easy to use and allow you to keep your content up to date. VidGrid includes features such as Presentation Tools, Video Replies, and viewer engagement tools to enable more meaningful interactions with your videos.

    VidGrid Help Resources


  • VoiceThread

    VoiceThread is a web-based collaboration tool that allows users to share a collection of documents, images, audio, videos, and many other types of media for discussion. Collaborators discuss the shared content asynchronously by leaving comments using a microphone, webcam, text, telephone, or audio file upload. While making comments, collaborators can flip through the shared media and annotate it as they narrate.

    "Voice Thread bridges the gap between real-time discussions and standard video lectures or online presentations. This makes Voice Thread the platform for teaching, learning, training, and collaborating, on-demand" (VoiceThread, 2016 - from their website).

    VoiceThread integrates seamlessly into Canvas and can be used to enhance discussions in online and blended courses. Users can access VoiceThread directly through Canvas without creating separate credentials. Instructors can create discussion assignments which can be graded from VoiceThread. The grades assigned in VoiceThread are automatically imported into the Canvas gradebook.

    Learn how to use VoiceThread in your Canvas course

    For additional information, try these VoiceThread support articles and workshops.