Fall 2020 Plan and Information
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Community Overview

The city of Frostburg, Maryland is a small, rural community nestled within the mountains of Appalachia with approximately 7,800 full-time residents. When Frostburg State University is in session, the population of Frostburg increases by nearly 50% as an additional 3,000 college students reside within city limits in a concentrated area near the campus.

In a 30-block area adjacent to the campus, 82% of the properties are now occupied by students, according to 2012 data provided by the city of Frostburg. This has also led to a high density (31) of retail outlets and establishments in which alcohol is served or may be purchased within the city limits, a total of 3.4 square miles.


Through the Coalition’s Cooperating Alcohol Agreement, we are able to provide educational training and support to 19 area businesses:

  • The American Legion
  • Bar Monkey
  • Byrnesies Bar
  • Cindy’s Tavern
  • Dante’s
  • Devlin’s Pub
  • Dogwood Flat Gun Club
  • The Draft
  • FBar
  • Gladstones
  • HiWay Pizza
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Midland Sportsman Club
  • The Moose
  • The Outback Lounge
  • Wild Things
  • Wildwater
  • Yamato Steakhouse
  • Zen-Shi

This agreement has helped the Frostburg community by ensuring that underage patrons are not served. In the spring of 2014, after 103 checks of these businesses, not a single partner received a violation.

Community Safety

The Frostburg Community Coalition is encouraging members of the Frostburg community to use the 301.687.STOP tip line to provide anonymous information about crimes, disturbances or other issues of concern.

Upon calling the tip line, the caller will listen to a recorded message for instructions and be directed to leave a message containing the information they wish to share. Exactly 5 minutes after a message is recorded, the message is automatically sent to Frostburg State University Central Communications to be routed immediately to the appropriate agency. The messages are completely anonymous, without numbers or names connected to them.

687.STOP was created to give complete anonymity to those leaving tips. Many people are uncomfortable reporting issues directly but may have pertinent information they wish to share.

This unique tip line allows tip-givers to share information without needing to reveal their identity, and is intended for both students and members of the campus and local Frostburg community to use. The Coalition is also encouraging students and parents from Mountain Ridge High School and Mount Savage and Westmar middle schools to use the tip line as well. Callers are still welcome to contact University Police, Frostburg City Police or other offices directly.

Callers should still call 911 in an emergency.

Anonymous Police Tip Hotline - 301.687.7867 - dial 911 for emergencies