The Department of Political Science's Internship Program, established in 1971, was the first of its kind in Maryland.  With such a long history, the Department has developed and maintained many contacts across the state and in the region at a wide variety of sites.  Internships are highly valuable because they provide students with the opportunity to augment their academic preparation with a guided work experience in an agency of local, state or national government or a related organization. 

The Department strongly encourages all majors to see the Internship Director, Mr. Tim Magrath, to integrate this valuable experience into their academic program.  In recent years student internship experiences have included service in the United States Congress, the Maryland General Assembly, local courts, public interest lobbying groups, and the U.S. Department of State.  The program stresses the value of a full-time internship experience.  


The political science internship program is designed to provide qualified junior or senior majors and other selected individuals with the opportunity to draw upon, expand, and test classroom learning in an organizational setting. The internship experience is closely related to the student's career plans and academic preparation. The internship experience students can apply what they have learned in the classroom while making valuable contacts in their field of interest.

Placement, Duration, and Academic Credit

Every effort is made to place students in a full-time or part-time assignment of their choice in accordance with their needs and goals. Students receive either 15 credits for a full-time or 9 credits for a part-time experience.  Full-time interns are expected to work five days a week, normally for a period of time coinciding with the college's spring semester or summer term schedule of classes.  Part-time interns are expected to work three days a week or the equivalent.  Students are also encouraged to explore internship site placements based on their interests and career goals and to discuss those with Mr. Magrath early in their academic careers.


For More Information
Please contact Tim Magrath at; or call 301-687-4080.