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Emphasis Programs & Options

Emphasis Programs

The Psychology Department has 3 emphasis programs to enhance the psychology degree.  Once completed, these emphases will be included in the student's transcript.

Addictions Counselor Emphasis Program

The emphasis program is designed for students interested in the addictions counseling field. Frostburg State University offers the courses required to become a Certified Addictions Counselor – Alcohol and Drug. 

We also offer additional courses students can take to prepare for the Maryland state exam.  State certification is regulated by the Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors for Maryland.

For more information, please contact Dr. Lisa L. Morshead.

Child and Family Psychology Emphasis Program

This emphasis program is for students who want an in-depth exposure to child/adolescent psychological development and disorders.

View the summary of the requirements for this program option.

Leadership in Psychology Emphasis Program

This emphasis program is by invitation-only for our best students. It provides students with real-life opportunities and courses to develop leadership and peer mentorship knowledge and skills. Students are recruited based on GPA and faculty recommendation. Students may inquire about eligibility beginning in second-semester sophomore year.

View the summary of the requirements for this program option.

The Internship Option

The Psychology Department also offers an internship option in addition to the requirements of the major.  It is possible to complete the major with a combination of emphasis programs and internship.

This option is for students primarily interested in training for a Psychology-related career at the bachelor's degree level.  In includes individually designed internships and is completed in addition to the core program.

View the summary of the requirements for this program option.

For more information on the internship option, contact Dr. Kevin Peterson.

Student Activities - Research

Students have the opportunity to be a part of research labs run by various psychology department faculty. In 2019, for example, undergraduate and graduate students attended the Association for Psychological Sciences conference in Washington D.C. to present their research from Dr. Alan Bensley's lab. Dr Kimberly James, Dr. Christopher Masciocchi, and Dr. Mike Murtsgh also contributed to this research.


Dr. Alan Bensley and Caitlin Woodson, the Psychology department's 2019 honors award recipient.



Cody Watkins, Matthew Whitley, Krystal Rowan and Dr. Alan Bensley.



Cody Watkins, Dr. Alan Bensley, Krystal Rowan and Wesley Reyes.