What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money through many donors, each making an individual, small donation to help the project succeed. It works best when you put your energy into reaching out and talking about your project with people who might want to help.

Who are the donors?

Donors are alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students and family. Occasionally, they may also be complete strangers! 

How much money can we raise?

The most successful projects are under $5,000.

Are there any fees?

No! 100% of gifts go directly to your project.

How do I see crowdfunding campaigns that are running now?

Visit the Crowdfunding page.

I am interested in learning more. Who do I contact?

Use the online form, or contact Kathleen Breighner directly.

Kathleen A. Breighner
Director of Annual Giving