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Mars is Here!Mars

A Telescope Observing Event

This event is rescheduled for Saturday, July 28, 9:00 pm - July 29 1:00 am

Join FSU’s Multimedia Learning Center, in collaboration with the Cumberland Astronomy Club, as we celebrate the Summer of Planets. Mars observing won’t be as good again until 2035, and the last time was 2003.

What to expect:

  • Telescopes will be available with trained operators to help you use them.
  • Prime observing of Mars occurs after midnight.
  • Venus and Jupiter are observable at the beginning of the event, followed by Saturn.
  • Mars is a challenging planet to observe, which is why this year’s close approach is such a big deal. You’ll be able to distinguish small variations in surface details, and possibly one or both of the polar ice caps.
  • Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, however, are much easier to observe. You’ll be able to see the phase of Venus, atmosphere features on Jupiter and Saturn, moons around Jupiter and Saturn, and the rings of Saturn.
  • There will also be activities for children, and presentations about Mars in the MLC theater.

Backup dates in case of poor weather are scheduled for July 28, August 3, and August 4. Cancellations will be announced at the Multimedia Learning Center’s Facebook by 8 pm the day of the event. A link to our facebook is provided on the home page.

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