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Frequently Asked Payroll Questions

  1. What if I lose or destroy my check?

    Contact the Payroll Office as soon as possible (301) 687-4332. We will contact Banking Services to cancel the old check and reissue a new check. The Payroll Office will contact you by phone when the check arrives from Central Payroll. Banking services will void the old check as soon as they have received the cancellation; so do not attempt to cash the lost check if you happen to find it.

  2. Can I get an advance on my salary?

    The only time the Payroll Office processes an advance on payroll earnings is when an administrative error has occurred. Advances are not given on future payments.

  3. When am I going to get paid and how do I get my check?
    It usually takes two pay periods for an employee to receive their first payment after their initial paperwork is submitted. Checks are mailed directly from Central Payroll Bureau in Annapolis to the address listed on the employee’s W-4 form.

  4. How long does it take for direct deposit to take effect?

    It usually takes two pay periods for direct deposit to begin. Central Payroll goes through a process called "pre-notification" to ensure that your financial institution is part of the system and that your account number is properly recognized. This procedure is done for your financial security. You may find "A fact sheet about Direct Deposit" helpful.

  5. Can I have my check mailed on campus?

    We no longer mail checks at all. Central Payroll Bureau in Annapolis mails checks to the address listed on the employee’s W-4 form. Direct deposit stubs are no longer printed. However, you may access pay stubs via the Payroll Online Service Center. Please contact the Payroll Office at (301) 687-4332 for assistance.

  6. Where do I get blank timesheets?

    Blank timesheets are housed in the Payroll Office for regular employees, student employees, and contingent exempt and nonexempt employees. Click on contractual faculty or graduate assistants to make copies of your timesheets.

  7. If I am paid from the regular and contractual payrolls, will I get two W-2 forms?

    No, all earnings paid from the state of Maryland will be reflected on one W-2.