Internship Information

Students on a filed trip with Dr. ButaAn internship gives students real-world experience in a professional setting. This practical training allows students to develop and improve a range of skills they will need in the work force.  The hands-on experience they gain helps to build their resume and make them more marketable.

Top 5 Reasons Internships are Important

1) The site the student interns at might turn into their future career.

2) Hands on learning - Students gain hand on skills they can’t gain in a classroom.

3) Confidence - Internships allow the student  to learn a job in an educational setting so when it’s time to go into the work force the student has experiences he or she can trust.

4) Get experience - Employers want employees that have experience and internships are a great way to gain experience and education.

5) Establish relationships - The people students work with helps them grow in their chosen field and may become their future co-workers. Internships  allow the students to build relationships with professionals while still in school.

Just some of the internships you as a student might participate in:

Community Program Delivery

Adventure Sports

Hospitality Management & Tourism

Sport Promotion and Communication