Comprehensive Strategy

Frostburg State University wishes to establish a culture of alcohol and health awareness that actively supports, educates, and empowers students to make low-risk choices about alcohol consumption. We have employed a comprehensive, environmental strategy utilizing prevention, engagement, and deterrence to connect students and the university community with innovative, evidenced-based, student-centered alcohol awareness programs.


  • Alcohol.Edu - mandatory for all freshmen students
  • Greek Life initiatives
  • University Neighbors partnership
  • BASICS interviewing
  • RA training
  • Invited Speakers


  • Frostburg City partnerships
  • Law Enforcement partnerships
  • Property Managers partnerships
  • Cooperating tavern/distributor partnerships
  • Information Sharing with Students
  • Letters to parents
  • Lobbying for Alcohol related legislation
  • Consistent judicial sanctions for alcohol violations on and off campus
  • Educator modules and judicial fines
  • Suspensions if necessary


  • Weekly Alcohol-free University Programming
  • BURG Peer Education Network
  • Social-Norms Marketing and Campaigns
  • Digital Media Info Spots
  • Reality Check website linked to FSU Homepage
  • TIPS training (Training for Intervention Procedures)
  • Individual and group counseling available at the FSU counseling center (CAPS)


Frostburg State University has reduced it's binge drinking rate (students who report drinking more than 5 drinks in an evening within the last two weeks) from 54% according to the 2006 CORE Survey to 42% according to the 2015 CORE Survey. FSU's binge drinking rate is below the national average which has remained at 43% for the last 30 years.