Majors and Careers

Choosing a major and career path is one of the most rewarding and challenging decisions you will face through out your college experience. When you think about it, however, the decision is not etched in stone and can change through out your education and lifetime. So relax, clear your mind, and consider these three important steps in finding your fit in the world of work.

Step 1: Self Assessment

  • Choose a major that suits you; not your parents, friends, or society
  • Talk to a career counselor in the Office of Career Services about your major/career choices
  • Assess your interests, abilities, likes and dislikes

YouScience:  Assessments

This series of "brain games" objectively helps you identify your own potential talents and abilities.  It blends personal aptitude and interest data with over 2,300 major-to-career matches to present a broad array of options and recommendations.  it's a jumping-off point rather than a prescriptive answer.

Make your own plan with

Career & College Advice Made Simple. High School, College, Adults & Career Changers!

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II

Assess how your personality preferences/style may describe the type of person you are. It is important to find out how your personality fits with different career fields and work environments.

  • Decide how much time you want to devote to family, friends, leisure activities, work and study

Step 2: Exploring Majors/ Careers: Research & Informational Interviews