CIE Study Abroad Services

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
The Center for International Education requires all study abroad students to purchase Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) travel insurance. It provides you with a comprehensive health insurance plan. including emergency evacuation and repatriation.

The CIE's study abroad library is located in the Fuller House and features materials on many study abroad programs. Information is available concerning study abroad, work abroad, and volunteering overseas.

Information Sessions
During the fall and spring semesters, the CIE holds informal information sessions for students who are interested in finding out more about study abroad programs. The sessions are sometimes held at the CIE and sometimes in classrooms. Look for announcements in Statelines and Student Email Announcements. To be part of an information session call the CIE at 301-687-4714.

Classroom Visits
Each semester the Director of the CIE, along with returning study abroad students, visits classrooms on campus to talk about study abroad opportunities. During these visits students are provided with an overview of available study abroad programs, and they are given additional information about specific programs. Students who would like the CIE staff to visit their classroom should ask their teacher if this can be arranged.

Study Abroad Fair
Each Fall the CIE holds its annual study abroad fair in or just outside the Lane Center. All students who are interested in finding out more about study abroad and who would like to meet with representatives from study abroad, work abroad, and volunteer programs should attend the fair.

Pre-departure Orientation Sessions and Guidebook
All FSU students who are accepted onto any study abroad program are provided with at least one pre-departure orientation session. These sessions cover topics such as how to pack, how to deal with customs, how to carry money overseas, health and safety overseas, culture shock, international laws and customs, and how to adjust to US culture after the program ends. All students also receive a booklet with information about pre-departure preparations for all study abroad programs.
Pre-departure Orientations are mandatory!

Peer Counseling
Students who return from programs overseas are invited to become Peer Counselors at the CIE. Through this program, former study abroad students can advise other students who are thinking about going overseas. Peer Counselors are also available to speak to groups or classes.