Students in Recovery

Frostburg State University values each student and desires to support students who may wish to receive support for alcohol or other drug addictions. The prevention center has many resources and funds to help students in recovery. Contact the center director for more information and support.

RA Program Planning & Assistance

The wellness and prevention center hosts many resources that support RA programs. Check out our wacky impaired vision goggles or some of our health topic board games or spin wheels. All packages come with some cool incentive items and mocktails!

Community Coalition Building



The wellness and prevention center welcomes any undergraduate or graduate student to engage in practicums or internships throughout the academic year. Students who have volunteered in the office have been from the following departments/majors: Psychology, Health Promotion, Recreation, Sociology, Communications and Graphic Design. Contact the center director for more information.

Relaxation Training

Students can participate in a variety of relaxation techniques and programs. From traditional education programs to deep breathing, guided imagery, aroma therapy (Essential oils) to self-care tips. These programs are offered to individual and small groups.



eCheck Up To Go for Alcohol


eCheck Up To Go for Marijuana


BSI (Brief Screening Intervention)

Students who experience code of conduct violations for alcohol and marijuana may be referred to the center for the a Brief Screening Intervention. The service consists of three sessions with the BSI Counselor. This non-judgmental approach assists students in lowering their alcohol intake risk. A post 30 day follow up session is designed to collect important data on student progress.

DWI/DUI Program

Students who experience a DWI/DUI have the opportunity to participate in a custom designed treatment program for DWI/DUI violations. While the program is not state certified, judges in regional courts have appreciated the comprehensive program that FSU provides at no charge to the students. For more details, please contact the center director.