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Diners Club Travel Cards

Diners Club Corporate Travel Cards are available for University employees who frequently travel on behalf of the University. These cards take the place of travel advances and allow almost all travel expenses to be charged to the card, including airfare and meals. Travel using these cards are still subject to all travel policies and procedures. Travel request forms must be done for all travel outside of the State of Maryland and expense forms must still be done for each trip. Itemized receipts are required for all charges and under no circumstances should alcohol or any personal expenses be charged to these cards.

Travel Card Cardholder and Approver Responsibilities

Cardholder and Approver Responsibilities (PDF)

Travel Card Application Forms

Both of the following forms must be completed in order to apply for a Diners Club Corporate Travel Card. Once completed all forms should be sent to General Accounting.

Travel Card Internal Application (PDF)
Travel Card Bank Application (PDF)

Travel Insurance

Whenever possible all common carrier tickets should be purchased using either your Diners Club Travel Card or through Globetrotter Travel. These methods of purchase provide Travel Insurance from Diners Club at no additional Charge.

Diners Club Travel Card Insurance - When using your University Diners Club Card to purchase common carrier tickets this insurance is automatically provided at no additional charge.
Travel Account (Globetrotter Purchases) Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Beneficiary Form (PDF)

On-line Account Access

Cardholders may register for online account access at

Access instructions (PDF)

Missing Receipt Affidavit

Frostburg State University requires original itemized receipts for all purchases made using a Diners Club Travel Card. In the event that a cardholder loses or fails to obtain a receipt, he/she should contact the vendor in an attempt to obtain a copy of the original itemized receipt. If unable to obtain a copy of the original itemized receipt from the vendor, then complete the Missing Receipt Affidavit below. Once completed, the cardholder must sign the affidavit and have the department manager sign the affidavit as well. If the cardholder is the department manager then they must have their supervisor sign the affidavit. The affidavit should then be submitted with the expense form in place of the original itemized receipt.

Travel Card Missing Receipt Affidavit (PDF)

A few reminders about the travel cards:

They are to be used for travel related expenses only (i.e. registration, hotel, airfare, taxi, shuttle, meals, tolls, parking, etc.). Non travel expenses such as supplies, equipment, etc. must still be charged to your State of Maryland Procurement card.

Travel Cards replace cash advances. Advance forms no longer need to be completed.

The individual transaction limit is set at $4,999.00. Anything $5,000 or greater must go through the competitive bid process and be put on purchase order.

The total credit limit for each card is set at $10,000.00 initially. This may be adjusted in the future on a card by card basis, depending on actual usage and need.

No alcohol or personal charges should be made using the cards under any circumstances.

The only fuel purchases normally allowed are for rental cars. The cards may be used on State vehicles only if the University's Fleet Cards are not working. Fuel may not be purchased for personal vehicles under any circumstances. Fuel for personal vehicles is covered under the mileage reimbursement policies for the use of a personal vehicle for University business.

Always obtain an itemized receipt.

Meals may not exceed the reimbursable amounts set by the Board of Regents. Any overages must be paid back when you submit your expense form. Tips on meals are limited to a maximum of twenty percent.

A travel request form must be completed and approved before any out of state travel is made. This is required by State and USM Travel policies. Travel request forms are not required by the State or USM for travel inside the State of Maryland or Washington, DC.

Our Maryland Sales Tax Exemption must be used for all purchases made within the State of Maryland.

An expense form must be completed for each trip. Travel Card charges are to be included on the form and subtracted off at the end the same as an advance. Attach original itemized receipts to your expense form before submitting to Accounts Payable.

Keep copies of all travel requests, signed expense forms, and accompanying receipts. When you receive your statement each month reconcile it to your expense form copies. Attach the travel request, expense form, and receipt copies. Sign the statement and send to Accounts Payable to audit and process for payment to Diners Club. No separate log needs to be completed. Your statement with the copies of the signed expense reports and your signature will serve as the required log.

You or your designated proxy must log into PeopleSoft each month and distribute your charges to the appropriate accounts. Just like you or your proxy does for your Procurement Cards each month. You will be notified by email each month when the transaction file has been loaded into the system and is ready for redistribution.

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