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Travel Services

Travel Services

  • Amtrack Program
  • BWI Airport Fast Park
  • Globetrotter Travel - Globetrotter is a State of Maryland and USM contracted vendor for travel management services. Competitive bids are not required when making travel arrangements through Globetrotter. There is a $24 service fee per person on each common carrier reservation for business travel. There is no additional charge for hotel and various other reservations for business travel. When booking common carrier reservations a pre-approved travel request form is need. Make the arrangements with Globetrotter and remit the approved travel request form to General Accounting. Once General Accounting receives the request form approved by the appropriate Dean, VP or the President we will approve the reservations with Globetrotter and they will issue the tickets. There is no need to do a PO. The tickets will be charged to the University's Diners Club Globetrotter account and the charges will be distributed to the department and/or project indicated on the travel request. Alternatively if you have an individual University Diners Club card you may charge your reservations to that card as long as they do not exceed $4,999 in total (including fees).
  • Travel World Travel - All travel booked through Travel World requires a pre-approved travel request and either a purchase order or the use of a Diners Club card. University Diners Club card transactions are limited to $4,999.00 (including fees). Check with Travel World for the fee rates. Any reservations totaling $5,000 or more must have competitive bids or use a State of Maryland or USM contract.
  • Allianz Travel Insurance - This is the only travel insurance that may be purchased and it must be purchased through Globetrotter.
  • Diners Club Travel Card Insurance - When using your University Diners Club Card to purchase common carrier tickets this insurance is automatically provided at no additional charge.
  • Southwest Airlines Corporate Travel (SWABIZ) - When booking airfare with Southwest Airlines for business travel please book through the University's corporate account. To do so you will need to set up a traveler account in SWABIZ using your rapid rewards account number and the University's corporate ID. Please contact Accounts Payable for our corporate ID number. Booking through our corporate account allows you to make flight changes without occurring any additional change fees, as well as allowing for two bags to fly free. Booking through corporate travel is for business travel only. When booking these flights you must pay with your University Diners Club card or a personal credit card if you do not have a University Diners Club card.

Rental Vehicles and Vehicle Insurance

When renting a vehicle additional insurance may not be purchased. The State is self-insured and the only insurance that may be purchased is for vehicles outside of the United States. See the Vehicle Rental Insurance Memo below. Additionally, because the State is self-insured you are required to use one of the University of Maryland Vehicle Rental Discount Codes listed below as these will provide insurance coverage at no additional cost. If you have a University Diners Club card you are required to use it as well since it also will provide insurance coverage at no additional cost. If you do not have a Diners Club card, then you are required to use your University VISA procurement card for the rental if you have one. It will also provide insurance at no additional cost. Please see the links below for information on the insurance provided by these cards.

The State of Maryland is self-insured and requires a $1,000 deductible per insurance claim. If a vehicle is damaged, the deductible will be charged to the renting department. If the cost of the repair is less than $1,000, the actual cost of the repair will be charged to the renting department instead.  This also applies to the use of University vehicles.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information regarding the University’s insurance coverage, please contact Denise Murphy at 301.687.4335 or

The University of Maryland business rates with the rental firms below normally include LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) in the rate when the reservation is properly booked for business travel that is supported by an approved Travel Request form. Exceptions and specific rental location policies/fees apply. Restrictions and specific terms and conditions apply.

  • Avis - University of Maryland codes: Business Travel A535800 - Leisure Travel A535890
  • Budget - University of Maryland codes: Business Travel T586400 - Leasure Travel T586490
  • Enterprise - University of Maryland codes: Business Travel XZ16G80 - Leasure Travel XZ16G80 When booking through Enterprise using a State of Maryland Procurement Card or a Frostburg State University Diners Club Card these cards provide insurance coverage so please use Business Rental Program # "XX5160" with a PIN of "FRO" to receive Frostburg State University rates. If not using one of these cards then please use Business Rental Program # "W18490" with a PIN of "UNI" to receive University of Maryland rates which provides LDW insurance coverage.
  • National - University of Maryland codes: Business Travel XZ16G60 - Leisure Travel XZ16G80
  • Vehicle Rental Insurance Memo (PDF)
  • VISA Procurement Card Vehicle Rental Insurance (PDF)
  • Diners Club Travel Card Vehicle Rental Insurance

International Travel

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