Emphasis in Teaching of Writing

Share your passion for the written word

Frostburg State University’s emphasis in the Teaching of Writing combines in-depth lessons with classroom activities to help you make the most of this highly experiential program. FSU’s emphasis centers on a practicum course that highlights both the theories and realities of the teaching of writing. You’ll explore some of the tools and techniques available to writing teachers, plus the latest opinions from the academic world, before diving into real introductory-level classrooms to learn by doing.

This program makes a superb addition to the academic careers of College of Education students and English majors, as well as anyone else with an interest in teaching.

  • Complete the emphasis in the Teaching of Writing with 12 credit hours. Students majoring in English can earn the emphasis with just two practicum classes!

Teaching of Writing Highlights

  • Improve your own writing skills by studying how to teach others the basics of good writing.
  • Gain experience in real classrooms, observing talented teachers and mentoring students one-on-one.
  • Explore the wide variety of methods, trends, philosophies and issues involved in the teaching of writing through case studies and scholarly articles.
  • Take experiential learning to the next level with the option to lead an English 101 class for a day.

About Our Teaching of Writing Faculty:

  • Dive into the teaching of writing with professors who have built careers in teaching others how to write well.
  • Shadow English 101 teachers throughout the semester and learn by watching skilled teachers in action.

Sample Teaching of Writing Courses:

Practicum in the Teaching of Writing – Supervised opportunity to act as a learning mentor. Study of approaches to teaching writing. Emphasis on practice and experience.

Introduction to English Linguistics – A study of the grammars and grammatical aspects of English as well as of language use in society, language change and language acquisition and processing.

Critical Writing About Literature – Introduction to literary theory to develop critical perspectives on literary works and provide flexible writing strategies. Advanced writing about literature.

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Career Outlook for Writing Teachers

Professionals trained in the teaching of writing have improved prospects both as writers themselves and as teachers if they pursue teacher education or licensure. Public school educators are typically required to have a state-issued certificate or license in teaching. The availability of new teaching positions varies by region, enrollment and budgets, although rapid turnover in some areas can mean greater opportunities for a well-trained educator. For more information on possible careers in education, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ pages on Education, Training and Library Occupations.

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