African American Studies


Develop a wider perspective on the world around you.

Gain a deeper insight into society, learning from the remarkable experiences of people who, despite slavery, colonialism and oppression, accomplished astonishing achievements and rose to great heights in the sciences, performing arts, politics and all other disciplines

You'll explore aspects of African American culture and experiences in this interdisciplinary program, which covers a range of topics in the humanities and sciences, while gaining a deeper understanding of the people and the society around you.

The minor in African American Studies is a hallmark of Frostburg State University’s commitment to embracing multiculturalism in the world and workplace. FSU’s program features diverse faculty, engaging classes and a location with a surprisingly complex history of its own!


African American Studies Program Highlights

  • Experience the cultures around you with an optional practicum class, which includes field trips to cities around Maryland and neighboring states and allows you to do your own independent studies.

  • Delve into elements of American and world history which are often overlooked.

  • Pick your African American Studies elective classes to align with your academic or personal interests.

  • Dig into the unique history, perspectives and influences of African Americans

  • Learn about the importance and impact of cultural preservation.

What can I do with an African American Studies degree?

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Graduates of the African American Studies program possess a unique perspective on the world developed by examining non-mainstream points of view. This awareness makes graduates better poised to interact successfully with the variety of individuals they’ll meet in the professional world. The program’s compatibility with academic majors in just about any field means the skills it develops also translate well to any workplace.

What You'll Learn

  • Study with teachers from diverse departments all across the university, such as sociology, history, visual arts, athletics and geography.
  • Meet teachers with a variety of experiences and perspectives who can help you broaden your own.
  • Relevant psychological theory and research presented on a variety of topics including: family and individual relationships, the role of the Black Church, the impact of discrimination and oppression, and racial identity.
  • Examine the rich legacy of African Americans in Appalachia beginning with the Civil War era and ending with the contemporary world. Chronologically arranged and interdisciplinary in perspective, the course features the way in which African Americans have been active agents in shaping regional culture, politics and economics.
  • Examination of the economic and political development of modern African states. Topics include the impact of colonization, theories of development, theories of integration into the contemporary global economic system and the process of state building.

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