Mass Communication


Mass Communication is part of a global industry that focuses on large-scale human communication. Kick your creative energy and storytelling talents into high gear to develop, share, and evaluate effective emerging media for large, targeted audiences.

In this course of study, you'll explore theories of mass communication, legal issues, statutes and regulations affecting mass communication as well as practice production and execution of media strategies. You'll examine how media works and affects our society becoming an informed contributor and critical consumer.

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Career Options

MCOM graduates can find jobs worldwide. Careers in the mass communication field include:

  • Content creator
  • Media manager
  • Television producer
  • Audio engineer
  • Master control operator
  • Film editor
  • Podcaster
  • Media writer
  • Camera operator

Choose from 4 Professional Focus Areas

As a MCOM student, you must complete one of the focus groupings listed below OR one of the following minors: African American Studies, Communication Studies, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Graphic Design, Journalism, Leadership Studies, Marketing, Public Relations Social Media or Theatre.

  • Digital Video Production
  • Digital Media Production
  • Digital Audio Production
  • Digital Media Strategies 

Internship Opportunities

You can take part in a professional internship experience, which is highly recommended before graduation, typically in your junior or senior year. This allows you to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world experience. Talk with your advisor and begin networking to find the best opportunity for you.

Our Alumni

Our alumni have landed jobs as broadcasters, production operators, radio producers, documentarians, and content creators. We would be happy to introduce to our successful network of alumni.

Find out more about one of our alumni, Greg Garcia, owner of Amigos de Garcia Productions.

Other jobs alumni have landed include Master Control Operator, Production Coordinator, Production Assistant, On-Air Personality, Radio Producer, Entertainment Industry Personal Assistant, Online Content Creator, Editor, Producer, Freelance Photographer, Events Coordinator, Marketing/PR, Reporter at organizations like Discovery, ESPN, and Orioles.

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Program Highlights:

  1. State-of-the-art media production facilities in one of the newer buildings on campus, the Gira Center for Communications and Information Technology (CCIT).
  2. Faculty with experience in the fields of audio, video, digital, documentary broadcasting and production.
  3. Hands-on experience with FSU-TV3.
  4. Local, regional, and national placement of interns and alumni in the industry.

Mass Communication

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