The SOFI Program

The SOFI Program (Summer Online First-Year Initiative) is an award-winning program that allows incoming first year students to take popular introductory courses before the start of their first fall semester. Students register for SOFI courses during Bobcat Orientation Welcome Sessions as they plan their Fall class schedules with the assistance of faculty advisors. SOFI courses take place during FSU's second six-week Summer Session. SOFI tuition and fees are billed upon registration. The amounts are due with the fall semester bill. There is no financial aid available to be applied to SOFI courses.

Ask your faculty advisor about SOFI courses during your scheduled Bobcat Welcome Session!

Some Facts

  • SOFI online courses introduce first year students to online learning at FSU and the university’s Learning Management System, Canvas.
  • The majority of courses are asynchronous, which means you decide when to enter your virtual online classroom to do your course work.
  • SOFI students are limited to 3 credit hours.
  • Other facts about Online Learning

Are Online Courses for You?

Take our Readiness Survey

  • Are you a self-motivated and self-disciplined person?
  • Are you comfortable communicating in writing?
  • Generally, can you read instructions for assignments and follow them without needing them explained to you?
  • Can you devote several hours a day, anytime you want, to reading and doing assignments for an online component of the course?
  • Will you be on vacation or have any commitments during the time period of the class?
  • Will you have consistent internet access during that time period?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, then online learning might just be for you!

For more information about SOFI, please contact:

Brittni Kaetzel
Director of Summer Session