Technology Requirements

In order to participate in a fully online, blended, or web-enhanced course at FSU, students must have a reliable computer and high speed Internet access. Many courses will also require a headset (with microphone capabilities) and a webcam. Your instructor will specify any hardware and software requirements not listed below. All students are automatically given a student ID and a network account, with a unique username, when they are first enrolled at FSU. Your FSU username and ID will be e-mailed to the personal e-mail address you provided when you applied to FSU. Additionally, you can use the Find My Username utility. New students can activate their account, set their password, and get more information in the password portal.

Technology must haves:


  • Webcam
  • Headset with microphone or functioning computer microphone and speakers.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - FREE  download
  • Microsoft Office 365 or any current version of the software. Available for FREE through your FSU Email Account
  • Any current web browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) with JavaScript and cookies enabled. Please note some FSU Systems (PAWS, Email, Canvas, Webex) may require a specific browser.
  • Flash is required for recording audio and video in the Canvas Rich Content Editor. Other than these features, Flash is not required to use most areas of Canvas. Please note that some browsers may no longer support Flash.
  • The Java plug-in is required for screen sharing in Conferences. Please note that some browsers do not support Java. Otherwise, there are no other browser plug-ins used by Canvas.
  • JavaScript must be enabled to run Canvas.
  • Up-to-date anti-virus software.