STEM Scholars

Academic Residential Program

STEM Scholars is a unique academic residential community for STEM freshmen designed to jumpstart success in STEM majors at Frostburg State Universities. STEM Scholars have access to additional resources and opportunities for academic success that other freshmen will not have. Students interested in STEM fields of study face many challenges. STEM majors are among the most challenging at FSU. Living in a STEM community will help you build a solid foundation in STEM areas so that they are prepared to both live and work in the 21st Century. The STEM Scholars program is made possible by an Opportunity Grant from the FSU Foundation, Inc., which in turn is supported by the generosity of the alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of Frostburg State University.

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What are the benefits of being a STEM Scholar?

  • STEM Scholars is a positive and collaborative community of freshmen who share interests and many of the same introductory STEM courses.
  • STEM Scholars has a dedicated Resident Peer Mentor who provides exclusive STEM programming focusing on both the fun and academic sides of STEM.
  • The Resident Peer Mentor and the Resident Assistants are upperclassman
  • The STEM Scholars program works closely with STEM faculty to help STEM freshmen build connections to their major and the campus
  • STEM Scholars is located in the upper quad of campus, close to the STEM classrooms and labs in Compton, Gunter, and the new Gira CCIT.
  • The STEM Scholars program has been able to award textbook scholarships to the residents who are most committed to the success of the program most and engaged in STEM activities.

What are the expectations of STEM Scholars?

  • Be active and engaged in STEM activities in the residence hall and across campus.
  • Be supportive of other STEM Scholars and a positive contributor to the community.
  • Be open-minded, courageous, and persistent in pursuit of academic success in STEM at Frostburg State.
  • Have fun living in a community of STEM majors!

How do I become a STEM Scholar?

The STEM Scholars program is open to first-time freshmen students intending to major in one of Frostburg State University's qualifying STEM academic programs. First-time freshmen who start at FSU during the spring semester are and transfer students with fewer than 15 credits also eligible if there are openings. Students interested in careers in the health professions are also encouraged to join the STEM Scholars. STEM Scholars must live in the designated Residence Hall to receive the full benefits of the program. For more information about living on campus and choosing STEM Scholars contact the Residence Life Office. For more information about the STEM Scholars program, contact the faculty coordinator, Dr. Benjamin Norris.

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