STEM Education

Share Your Love of STEM! Become a STEM Teacher!

Do you remember what made you fall in love with math and science? Perhaps it was a math or science teacher in middle or high school who sparked your interest. Middle and high school science teachers have the important job of helping students develop a passion for STEM!

Do you like helping others? Do you like sharing your knowledge, skills, and experiences? Perhaps a career as a STEM teacher is right for you!

You have two options at Frostburg State University if you want to pursue a career as a high school teacher in a STEM field. First, you can complete the teaching certification option available within the biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, or physics programs. Second, you can complete a bachelor’s degree in a STEM major and then enroll in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. Both options provide you the opportunity to complete the required education courses including two teaching internships at participating professional development schools.

Along the way, there are other exciting opportunities to develop your teaching skills and share your passion. You could become a tutor for a math or science course or a peer mentor for a general chemistry course. You can join in opportunities to do outreach to local schools and the general public. Undergraduate students are also hired to teach sections of developmental math courses.

Secondary Education Teacher Certification

A secondary education teacher certification option is available in five STEM programs: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Mathematics, and Physics. This option involves completing a major in one of these programs as well as the requirements in the Department of Educational Professions for secondary programs. These requirements include 42.5 credits of courses in the College of Education, taking the PRAXIS I basic skills and PRAXIS II subject tests, and presenting a teaching portfolio. These options can be difficult to complete in four years because of the total number of credits involved in completing both the STEM major and the education requirements.

If you are interested in a secondary education teaching certification option, you are encouraged to also have an advisor in the Department of Educational Professions in addition to your advisor for your STEM major.

For more information, contact the secondary programs coordinator:

Dr. Todd Rosa
Phone: 301.687.4338

STEM Bachelor of Science - Master of Arts in Teaching

STEM students can enroll in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program after completion of their Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Mathematics, or Physics. The MAT program is designed to allow students to complete their courses in education and teacher preparation in just 15 months of full-time coursework. This program is intense, but you will complete a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in five years, which qualifies you for better salary.

Since this program is a graduate program, there are entrance requirements, including a 3.0 GPA or better, sufficient performance on the PRAXIS I exam, a portfolio demonstrating that you are a good candidate to become a teacher, and an entrance interview.

For more information, contact the secondary MAT coordinator:






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