Undergraduate Research

Research is the principal means of discovery and knowledge creation in the STEM fields. Many STEM students at FSU perform undergraduate research with faculty members from the STEM departments. These projects are often true collaborations, with the students taking ownership of the project and its direction.

An undergraduate research project is an excellent way to apply your knowledge and skills in an advanced setting. Research experience is also important for applications to graduate and professional schools. Not only does a research project help students stand out during the application process, but it allows students to build stronger connections to individual faculty members who can then write strong letters of recommendation.

FSU's STEM students present their research projects at many venues locally, regionally, and nationally. Last year more than 150 students presented 80 projects at the Undergraduate Research Symposium held on FSU's campus.

Get Involved!

The first step toward getting involved in a research project is making a connection with one or more members of the faculty in the STEM departments. Contact faculty members, preferably in person, and ask what types of projects they have available. Most faculty members have ideas for projects in their fields, and most faculty members love to talk about their research ideas. Most faculty will also mentor students in projects of the student's own design.

For more information on the types of research projects out there and how to contact faculty members, check out the webpages of the STEM departments. You can also browse the list of projects presented at the most recent Undergraduate Research Symposium for ideas. Most STEM programs have upper level courses that you can enroll in to earn credit for your research project. That way your research project will show up on your transcript.



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Student conducting research in lab