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Health Insurance

All F-1 and J-1 visa holder students admitted to Frostburg State University are required to purchase student medical insurance for themselves. This requirement is to ensure both the physical and financial safety of our international students. Since rising health care costs in this country have reached staggering heights and because all too often insurance from other countries is not adequate, it is in your best interest to be adequately insured against U.S. medical bills. Health insurance requirements are as follows:

  • $150,000 coverage per accident or illness
  • $100,000 repatriation of remains.
  • $150,000 for medical evacuation to home country
  • Deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness
  • Co-insurance paid by the visitor (student) may not exceed 25% of the covered benefits per accident or illness.
  • Coverage may not exclude any risks inherent in the activities of the exchange visitor program.
  • Insurance company providing coverage must have an A.M. Best rating of "A-" or higher (inquire with the company.)

In an effort to keep costs as low as possible for the students, the University's Center for International Education (CIE) has set in place an economical health insurance plan that meets all requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State. This medical insurance's policies meet or exceed the US State Department's requirements for international students in the US on F-1 or J-1 visas. The monthly premium is approximately $100.00, it will be added to the student's bill for tuition and fees, and will be paid as a lump sum in six month installments before registering. Exchange students and students who will be graduating in less than six months will only be charged for the amount of time they are registered at FSU.