Reasons To Study or Work Abroad

There are so many reasons to go abroad that it is difficult to list them all on one page! Here are some of the most important reasons:

  • International experience will greatly enhance your job prospects! Most employers seek graduates with some overseas or global experience.

  • Meet people that you could never meet if you stayed at home.

  • Make new friends who will probably last a lifetime and who will most likely invite you to visit them again.
  • Ggain valuable insight into the different educational systems which exist outside of the US.

  • Serve as an ambassador for your school, your town, your state and your country, as you introduce others to a way of life they have never experienced.
  • Gain valuable insight into the way other cultures and countries view the US - and you may be very surprised!
  • If you work abroad, experience how other communities and businesses function compared to US businesses and communities.
  • Get to experience landscapes you've only seen in picture books, on TV or in films. Imagine walking the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, or camping out in the jungles of Ecuador.
  • When you return from your study/work abroad experience, you will be considered an authority on the area you visited, and will probably be asked to help the CIE promote your program to others.
  • Be one of the elite members of your class who has been adventurous enough to go abroad. Less than 1.5% of FSU students study abroad each year.
So what are you waiting for? Check out the programs available now!

Shantia at Mont St. Michel

Shantia poses on the walkway to Mount St. Michel, France