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Book cover - A Rational Explanation

A Rational Explanation
Tiffany Parrish Youngblood '09
Thomas and Dean are back with a new mystery to solve—but, this time, the mystery is in their own home.

Younger brother, Thomas, is plagued at home with strange experiences when he is alone. After one particular occurrence that stays with him all day and into the night, he decides that he must confide in his older brother, Dean. Thomas is surprised to learn that Dean recalls an event of his own that he could not explain.

Together, with the help of their best neighborhood friends, the boys set out to get to the bottom of what is happening to them and why. Thomas and Dean will not stop until they uncover the answers they seek. But could these haunting experiences have a deeper meaning than anyone realizes?

Available through online booksellers.

Book Cover - Belly-Up Belly-Up
Drew Snell '77
The city of Pondview, Florida is potentially plunged into financial ruin when Blinky, a large, one-eyed luminescent alligator is kidnapped. Every full moon, thousands of people gather to see his hide glow in the moonlight. In order to conceal his shady financial dealings, the city's mayor assembles and charges the discreet, unorthodox investigative team of a parks and rec worker, a city receptionist, and an Elvis look-alike to find and rescue Blinky before the next, rapidly approaching full moon. Aided by a cast of zany, colorful characters, the suspenseful, potentially lethal chase leads the team through some of Florida's beautiful, original, nearly-forgotten tourist attractions. Can they find and save Blinky in time?

Available through online booksellers.

Book Cover - come see about me, marvin come see about me, marvin
Brian G. Gilmore '87
This four-section poetry collection follows a fantastical dialogue between gilmore and the late Motown legend Marvin Gaye, two black men born in the nation's capital who moved to the Midwest for professional ambitions. In trying to acclimate himself to a new place that seemed so different from the home he had always known, gilmore often looked to Gaye as an example for how to be. The poems were derived as a means of coping in a strange land.

Available through online booksellers and from IndieBound.
Book Cover - Gracefully Broken Gracefully Broken: One Woman's Journey of Faith, Failure, & the Spiritual Growth Gained Along the Way
Cynthia Feaster Tims '91
Through the eyes of faith and self-reflections on ways her shortcomings contributed to the decisions and missteps made along the way, in her debut release, author Cynthia Feaster Tims openly and bravely invites her audience into some of the challenges that have shaped the woman, wife, and mother she is today. She also shows how having conversations about your challenges, not just your victories, can open a window to healing for so many others and through faith, prayer, and perseverance, trusting in God's power can bring us out on the other side of each storm Gracefully Broken, but victorious and whole.

Available through online booksellers.

Book Cover - The Dirt on Mr. Claxton The Dirt on Mr. Claxton
Tiffany Parrish Youngblood '09
Brothers Dean and Thomas are having a normal Summer break from school, until one night when their mom and dad call them in for a family meeting. Their parents need to attend a short conference for work and decide that, for the first time, Dean and Thomas can stay home alone for the duration of three nights.

Their parents are gone only a few hours when rule-bender Thomas persuades his older brother Dean to snoop on their strange neighbor, Mr. Claxton, whom all the neighborhood kids are wary of. To go through with their plan, Dean and Thomas must be exceptionally careful because Mr. Claxton may be an old man, but he is also a bird watcher, so that means he is very alert. The boys and their friends strongly feel that this man has something to hide - but will Dean and Thomas be the ones to actually uncover a dark secret about Mr. Claxton?

This adventure they take on together shows the boys to always trust their instincts, and how to work together when they run into trouble. Mr. Claxton’s past could prove that he is not your typical neighbor.

Available through online booksellers.

Book Cover - I Am Zarah I Am Z(arah)
Kate W. Shea (Shea Marshall Wishard '06)
After surviving a mass shooting, 24-year-old Zarah copes with PTSD by imagining she has a superhero alter ego. But when she meets quirky heart patient Greg, she faces a choice: confront her past or remain divided as two selves. A mass-shooting survivor herself, Shea combines elements of women's fiction, romance and speculative fiction into her debut novel. Shea recently earned Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.

Available through online booksellers.

Book Cover - Joey's Wish Joey's Wish
Pat Allen Kaplon '58
This charming children's storybook features a little boy's desire to become taller as soon as possible. Beautifully illustrated by Eva Camunas, the book follows Joey as he tries everything he knows to make himself grow. Kaplon also wrote Betsy's Choice, another children’s storybook following Betsy on her desire to become a tooth fairy.

Available on Amazon and Kindle.
Book Cover - The Knight's Reward The Knight's Reward
Davis Stant '06
A chance encounter between a healer and a great warrior serves as the catalyst for an epic tale of love, faith and loss. When the parameters of a broken society try to keep these two star-crossed lovers apart, they will show just how far they're willing to go to stay together. This is a love story at its core that doubles as an epic poem.

Available through online booksellers.
Book Cover - Pursuit in Ocean Pines Pursuit in Ocean Pines
Dana Moffat Phipps '65
Picking up the story where Phipps' first novel, Murder in Ocean Pines, ended, the sequel follows Amie as she begins life with her new husband, private detective Patrick McCombe. Amie's new life is threatened by her ex-boyfriend, Paul Simmons, who is determined to get her back, no matter the consequences. All of this intrigue is set in a small, bayside community near Assawoman Bay on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Available through Ingram, Amazon and in bookstores.
Book Cover - Yes, You Are Able Yes, You Are Able
Theresa Harrison '80 / M'88
In Yes, You ARE Able, Theresa Harrison brings us on a journey to reach our highest peaks and summits, achieving all our biggest goals and dreams. An accomplished wife, mother, business owner, cancer survivor, speaker and much, much, more, Theresa opens her heart and life to share the tips and tricks of reaching heights of which we’ve only ever dreamed. She guides us through the twists and turns the path might take, offers the perspective that led to her success, and pushes us to our limits, further than we knew we could go. No matter where you are or where you've gone, there's no limit on where you can go. Yes, you ARE able!

Available through online booksellers.