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31 Ghosts
Kate M. Sine '17
Book Cover - 31 Ghosts
In 31 Ghosts, Kate M. Sine’s third anthology, you meet thirty-one different characters who have varying relationships with Lady Death, as they pass on to become a part of her “Garden.” Daedalus makes toys for newcomers, Beowulf treats it like a game, and Emily Dickinson enjoys her journey to her end. Are you ready to meet the others? Visit Kate M. Sine's Amazon Webpage.


6 Steps to 7 Figures
Pat Hiban '87
Book cover - 6 Steps to 7 Figures
Your seven-figure real estate agent income is six simple steps away.

It's difficult to build a real estate business, and it's even more difficult not to lose yourself in the daily grind. 6 Steps to 7 Figures contains all the tactics that the best real estate agents use to promote their businesses, become financially free, and pursue the lives of their dreams.

Pat Hiban is one of the only residential real estate agents to hold the title Billion-Dollar Agent—having sold more than 4,000 homes with a billion dollars in volume—and he compiled two decades of invaluable experience into this manual. Visit Pat Hiban's Amazon Webpage.


American Monsters
Michael Schussler, Jr. '15
Book cover - American Monsters
Arthur Novac is a quiet, lonesome gravedigger in the town of Burnwell, West Virginia. Haunted by the death of his mother, left alone by the disappearance of his coal mining father, Arthur, a young man, is thrust into the isolation of adulthood. As he navigates life on his own, he finds himself at the center of the strangest happenings this small town has ever seen. Between grisly crime scenes and disturbing, maniacal visions, Arthur creeps toward the edge of losing the very last thing he has: his sanity.


A Rational Explanation
Tiffany Parrish Youngblood '09
Book cover - A Rational Explanation
Thomas and Dean are back with a new mystery to solve—but, this time, the mystery is in their own home.

Younger brother, Thomas, is plagued at home with strange experiences when he is alone. After one particular occurrence that stays with him all day and into the night, he decides that he must confide in his older brother, Dean. Thomas is surprised to learn that Dean recalls an event of his own that he could not explain.

Together, with the help of their best neighborhood friends, the boys set out to get to the bottom of what is happening to them and why. Thomas and Dean will not stop until they uncover the answers they seek. But could these haunting experiences have a deeper meaning than anyone realizes?


The Arsinoëphorus Alliance (Book 1): Bound by Fate and Blood
Jenna O'Malley '11 / M'12
Book Cover - The Arsinoëphorus Alliance (Book 1): Bound by Fate and Blood
Scottish merchant-for-hire Christian Sinclair longs for solid ground after traveling the Atlantic in the late 1660s under King Charles II's banner. When he returns to London six months late, his homecoming plans did not include being captured, finding his family dead, or hearing their estate burned to the ground.

Nephtyri, the last of two full-blooded vampires, dreams of Christian's plight and offers to avenge his murdered family. In exchange, she reveals his parents' hidden ties to the secretive Hunters' Guild—slayers and slavers intent on destroying her people.

If the Guild seizes Christian, they will either enslave him against England or enthrone him as their Imperial Lord Hunter. His choices will either save or shatter Nephtyri and the Arsinoëphorus Alliance in the process.


The Arsinoëphorus Alliance (Book 2): Bound by Oath and Heart
Jenna O'Malley '11 / M'12
Book Cover - The Arsinoëphorus Alliance (Book 2): Bound by Oath and Heart
Fractured by betrayal at Sancta Terra, the Arsinoëphorus Alliance scatters. The five remaining Elders split Ian and Nephtyri, not realizing their sunwalker has a new secret to hide. Though the couple can visit one another in dreams, a life apart tests their bond early. A quest to find Ian a weapon to match his powers binds him to his adikous naiha and reveals not all mythical creatures are lost.

Rochelle adapts to a lesser role as Shifei under the pressure of Bjorn's presence in his halls at Amaranth. With the help of Aryeh and other Elders from afar, they plot to save the Alliance without their new Uran Shifei-ra's guidance. Suspicious of their actions, Nephtyri heightens the search to free her lost grandmother from the Hunters' captivity. Allegiances are stressed as the dead walk and the living fight to thrive.


Drew Snell '77
Book Cover - Belly-Up
The city of Pondview, Florida is potentially plunged into financial ruin when Blinky, a large, one-eyed luminescent alligator is kidnapped. Every full moon, thousands of people gather to see his hide glow in the moonlight. In order to conceal his shady financial dealings, the city's mayor assembles and charges the discreet, unorthodox investigative team of a parks and rec worker, a city receptionist, and an Elvis look-alike to find and rescue Blinky before the next, rapidly approaching full moon. Aided by a cast of zany, colorful characters, the suspenseful, potentially lethal chase leads the team through some of Florida's beautiful, original, nearly-forgotten tourist attractions. Can they find and save Blinky in time?


Billy the Kid: The Life Behind the Legend
George R. Matthews '72
Book Cover - Billy the Kid
George R. Matthews' Billy the Kid: The Life Behind the Legend gives us, for the first time, the whole person. It brings together a huge amount of material, much of it made available to researchers only in recent years. The result is nothing less than an original, authoritative, and provocative portrait of Billy the Kid, as both outlaw and frontier fighter against the infamously corrupt Santa Fe Ring. The book's cover features the painting "The Last Escape of Billy the Kid" by Peter Hurd. Visit the George Matthews Website.


The Book of Mem
Judy Walker '67
Book cover - The Book of Mem
Old Oak holds the story together in a way only an oak tree can. And what a story! A secret escapes and a rock launches virtual reality, showering the critters at Little Meadow with wonder as well as concern. In this future world a young girl is able to transmit and receive messages through touch. Her brother has powers of his own and he is learning to use them. Connect these new humans to an old deserted campground and your passage to a new earth begins.


Captain Neuro
Kate M. Sine '17
Book Cover - Captain Neuro
Weave through the wavelengths of a neurodivergent mind through Captain Neuro, Kate M. Sine's second anthology. Kate M. Sine is a writer based in Southern Maryland and has lived with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) since middle school. She has strewn poetry, pictures, and stories together via Times New Roman and Google Docs in the hopes that the reader gets a glimpse of her mind and its imaginings.

Is it random? Of course, but so is she. Visit Kate M. Sine's Amazon Webpage.


come see about me, marvin
Brian G. Gilmore '87
Book Cover - come see about me, marvin
This four-section poetry collection follows a fantastical dialogue between gilmore and the late Motown legend Marvin Gaye, two black men born in the nation's capital who moved to the Midwest for professional ambitions. In trying to acclimate himself to a new place that seemed so different from the home he had always known, gilmore often looked to Gaye as an example for how to be. The poems were derived as a means of coping in a strange land.


The Dirt on Mr. Claxton
Tiffany Parrish Youngblood '09
Book Cover - The Dirt on Mr. Claxton
Brothers Dean and Thomas are having a normal Summer break from school, until one night when their mom and dad call them in for a family meeting. Their parents need to attend a short conference for work and decide that, for the first time, Dean and Thomas can stay home alone for the duration of three nights.

Their parents are gone only a few hours when rule-bender Thomas persuades his older brother Dean to snoop on their strange neighbor, Mr. Claxton, whom all the neighborhood kids are wary of. To go through with their plan, Dean and Thomas must be exceptionally careful because Mr. Claxton may be an old man, but he is also a bird watcher, so that means he is very alert. The boys and their friends strongly feel that this man has something to hide - but will Dean and Thomas be the ones to actually uncover a dark secret about Mr. Claxton?

This adventure they take on together shows the boys to always trust their instincts, and how to work together when they run into trouble. Mr. Claxton's past could prove that he is not your typical neighbor.


Dream Beyond Your Surroundings
Maurice "MO" Williams '11
Book Cover - Dream Beyond Your Surroundings
A road map to your purpose


The Eckhart Family from Western Maryland
Diane Kelly Weintraub '68
Book Cover - The Eckhart Family from Western Maryland
Follows five generations of the Eckhart family, through good times and otherwise. Mysteries solved, crimes uncovered. A story of coal in wealth and poverty. Visit Diane Kelly Weintraub's Amazon Webpage.


Gracefully Broken: One Woman's Journey of Faith, Failure, & the Spiritual Growth Gained Along the Way
Cynthia Feaster Tims '91
Book Cover - Gracefully Broken
Through the eyes of faith and self-reflections on ways her shortcomings contributed to the decisions and missteps made along the way, in her debut release, author Cynthia Feaster Tims openly and bravely invites her audience into some of the challenges that have shaped the woman, wife, and mother she is today. She also shows how having conversations about your challenges, not just your victories, can open a window to healing for so many others and through faith, prayer, and perseverance, trusting in God's power can bring us out on the other side of each storm Gracefully Broken, but victorious and whole.


I Am Z(arah)
Kate W. Shea (Shea Marshall Wishard '06)
Book Cover - I Am Zarah
After surviving a mass shooting, 24-year-old Zarah copes with PTSD by imagining she has a superhero alter ego. But when she meets quirky heart patient Greg, she faces a choice: confront her past or remain divided as two selves. A mass-shooting survivor herself, Shea combines elements of women's fiction, romance and speculative fiction into her debut novel. Shea recently earned Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.


Joey's Wish
Pat Allen Kaplon '58
Book Cover - Joey's Wish
This charming children's storybook features a little boy's desire to become taller as soon as possible. Beautifully illustrated by Eva Camunas, the book follows Joey as he tries everything he knows to make himself grow. Kaplon also wrote Betsy's Choice, another children's storybook following Betsy on her desire to become a tooth fairy.


Judicial Soup
Shannon Bohrer M'91
Book cover - Judicial Soup
In Judicial Soup, former Maryland state police officer and FBI firearms instructor Shannon Bohrer uses one "true crime story"—for which he was the expert witness—as a case study, exposing the need for criminal justice reform through an exploration of that particular case and summaries of more than a dozen others in which innocent people have been incarcerated.

Throughout the book, Bohrer examines, through the lens of United States of America v. Heath Patrick Thomas, how the heavy impact of this relatively minor incident, and the injustice, misconduct, and incompetence found here, highlights a serious truth about the justice system. What does a case like this mean for our justice system; what are the far-reaching implications; and what can be done to help fix a broken system in an age of police overreach and poor public perception?


Juju the Kangaroo
Karin McGaw '81
Book Cover - Juju the Kangaroo
Learn about sharing as we follow Juju the Kangaroo, a collector of fine and lovely things, and her animal friends in this colorfully illustrated picture book.

This rhyming children's book introduces us to Juju's beloved animal friends and their most prized possessions – Bailey the bear and his beloved honey pot, Jimmy the pup and his cherished ball, Rose the elephant and her favorite peanuts, Pete the lamb and his proud bell, and Lola the duck and her silly boots.

When these treasured items suddenly disappear, Juju's actions come into question. Has she taken things too far?

Find out in this charming and beautifully illustrated rhyming story.


The Knight's Reward
Davis Stant '06
Book Cover - The Knight's Reward
A chance encounter between a healer and a great warrior serves as the catalyst for an epic tale of love, faith and loss. When the parameters of a broken society try to keep these two star-crossed lovers apart, they will show just how far they're willing to go to stay together. This is a love story at its core that doubles as an epic poem.


Little Sammy Square Finds His Voice
Lisa Willoughby Thomas '95
Book Cover - Little Sammy Square Finds His Voice
Little Sammy Square Finds His Voice from Newman Springs Publishing author Lisa R. Thomas, M.Ed. is a delightful tale of a little boy who was a square in a family of circles. He wanted to fit in, not be different, but discovered that being himself was the best way to be.


No Pressure
Nicole Cooper '09
Book Cover - No Pressure
Based on the creative life of photographer Nikki Cee, No Pressure is a non-fiction book that emphasizes the importance of children trying new things while being encouraged by their parents and guardians. The goal of the book is to allow children a safe space to be free in their creativity. Nikki uses her real life experiences to show just how many different things she tried until she ended up in her dream job. There was truly no pressure!

This book is for all of the dreamers and creatives that don't have it all figured out and for the support system around them that encourages and supports them as they find their passion.


One Silly Duck Stuck His Foot Out
Glenda Jones '89
Book Cover - One Silly Duck Stuck His Foot Out
This book is funny, serious, and really weird. I should have called it "The Book of Nonsense," but that didn't make any sense. I hope it will "quack" you up. A few secrets to happiness are hidden in it, but not really well because I want you to find them. One of them is laughter. I used to think that my secret was wine, till one day one of those silly ducks stole my bottle, and I had to sober up. I know which one it was too, cause I recognize that voice, saying "When possible, make a legal U-turn." My mind was working that day, so I realized he was right. I wrote this book for your enjoyment, encouragement, education, and any other benefit you can get that will help you a little in your travels through life.


Patrick Simpson '09
Book Cover - Pierce
When janitor Truman Pierce isn't listening to his classical jazz records, he stays under the radar and keeps to himself. Nothing much happens in his world until popular college instructor Danielle Hutchins asks him out. The day after their first date, Pierce finds Danielle murdered in her classroom. With only a little information to go off of, and a pair of detectives that he doesn't trust, Pierce sets off to find Danielle's killer. What first starts as murder quickly becomes more for Pierce as he begins to pull off the layers of his quiet town by going up against drug dealers, thugs, Danielle's vengeful brother, and an array of people who don't want him to find out the truth. Every corner he turns, he'll find another challenge to overcome.

With the help of two college students, David and Goliath, and another college instructor, Pierce will do what it takes to find out the truth about Danielle. He'll be tested to his limits as he seeks to track down the devious killer responsible for ending Danielle's life.

But will the search for the truth be the end for Pierce?


Pursuit in Ocean Pines
Dana Moffat Phipps '65
Book Cover - Pursuit in Ocean Pines
Picking up the story where Phipps' first novel, Murder in Ocean Pines, ended, the sequel follows Amie as she begins life with her new husband, private detective Patrick McCombe. Amie's new life is threatened by her ex-boyfriend, Paul Simmons, who is determined to get her back, no matter the consequences. All of this intrigue is set in a small, bayside community near Assawoman Bay on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


The Quitter's Manifesto
Pat Hiban '87
Book cover - The Quitter's Manifesto
A life-affirming book for every employee who feels stuck, The Quitter's Manifesto is an inspiring guide to leaving a job that doesn't fulfill you in order to find work that does.

Quitting a job with a steady paycheck and benefits is tough—you have to write a letter of resignation, find new work or start a business, and dust off the resume. Still, if this was all that was stopping you from making the leap, you probably would have leapt long ago.

Though quitting is about action, it's far more about why you aren't taking action. If you've felt trapped in your job but can't quite seem to take the next step, this book will give you the game plan you need to deal with uncertainty. The Quitter's Manifesto was written by two successful Quitters and features the inspiring stories of many more, and they will help you create a plan that will make leaving a job seem less daunting. Visit Pat Hiban's Amazon Webpage.


Responsible Kids: 6 Steps to Creating Them in an Irresponsible World
Dr. Judy Harmon Holmes, FSU Professor Emeritus
Book Cover - Responsible Kids: 6 Steps to Creating Them in an Irresponsible World
Conflicts occur in the home and in our schools on a daily basis. Teachers do the best they can. Parents do, too. Still, children seem to be running the show which of course is a catastrophic result! The purpose of this book is to show parents, teachers, and counselors, through many detailed examples, 6 effective ways to lead children and adolescents in learning how to become responsible and caring people.

All learning is a process, so learning how to become responsible takes time. Each of the 6 ways requires parents to spend a lot of time interacting with their children, and each step may challenge current communication methods. The outcomes are worth it: a parent-child relationship that grows in love and respect, and children who become responsible, loving adults. Teachers are happier and safer, homes are places of controlled and loving chaos, and students aren't living with enormous levels of unresolved stress. And this way of communicating and interacting with others is a good fit for the workplace, too!


Rooted in Human
Kate M. Sine '17
Book Cover - Rooted in Human
What does it take to be a human, and why does it hurt to have a soul? Rooted in Human is a collection of characters from the poems and stories, who are dealing with different aspects of life. In this book, you will meet Lady Death, a witch, a Scribe, a few mythological beings, and just normal people.

Where are you rooted? Find your place in Kate M. Sine's debut book. Visit Kate M. Sine's Amazon Webpage.


Seeking To Understand: Uncovering Life's Best Practices of Self-Discovery (Volume 1)
Dr. Juls Gilliam '90
Book Cover - Seeking To Understand: Uncovering Life's Best Practices of Self-Discovery (Volume 1)
Dr. Juls Gilliam uncovers possible life's best practices through one's self discovery. Dr. Gilliam has a Doctor of Science in information and interaction design. This book will examine daily triumphs, joys, aspirations, pitfalls, struggles, obstacles, and barriers through everyday living as a wholehearted authentic human being. The book also includes a revelation of feelings, thoughts, insights of daily occurrences of an individual who beats to a different drummer. The book is written, so anyone can relate and apply their own stories to the ones being presented.


The Shepherd Into Hell
Joseph Norris, III '86
Book Cover - The Shepherd Into Hell
The Shepherd Into Hell tells the tale of a disabled Army Ranger who's now a Bounty Hunter to make ends meet. One bounty, being chased into a large State Park in Maryland, has our hero Joe Cocamoe leaving that park a more dangerous being than when he entered. A horrific legendary creature has made Cocamoe the shepherd herding the city of Baltimore into hell.


Sophie, Milo, and the Great Change
Jody Walker '67
Book cover - Sophie, Milo, and the Great Change
In this little fable, the two main characters, Sophie (the sacred feminine) and Milogos (the sacred masculine), create some new beings. Sophie and Milo together represent the mind or intellect in service to the heart. When actions flow from love, can revelation become reality? This book is available for free on the author's website.


They, Are Always Watching: things that go bump in the night
Joseph Norris, III '86
Book Cover - They, Are Always Watching
They Are Always Watching is a collection of nightmare-inducing short stories delivered with a hard gut punch. These tales' settings span from rural anywhere to inner-city anytime. Each one resonates with unique disturbing terror.

"Momma" is a mother who does anything to keep her family together. "The Van" is where musicians take a circuitous route to a gig through hell. "Out House" is a convenient and deadly device. "Simone" is a female vampire enraptured with only drinking clean, clear blood.


Tragedy in Casco Bay
Stacy Good Welner '94
Book Cover - Tragedy in Casco Bay
A shipwreck tragedy which took place in the waters of Casco Bay near the islands of Harpswell, Maine in 1941.

In June 1941 the excursion, aboard the Don, was scheduled to take 34 people, mostly from Rumford and Mexico, from Dyer's Cove (Harpswell) to Monhegan Island for a clam bake. The boat disappeared in the waters of Casco Bay and all aboard were lost.

The wreck and loss of lives changed communities and maritime laws. While the cause of the sinking remains unknown, the search to solve the mystery continues to this day.


The Tree Who Wanted to Touch the Stars
Glenda Jones '89
Book Cover - The Tree Who Wanted to Touch the Stars
The little tree in the forest has a dream: he wants to touch the stars. He grows and reaches and tries with all his might, but the stars always seem just out of reach. What should the little tree do? Find out in The Tree Who Wanted to Touch the Stars.


Tribe of Millionaires
Pat Hiban '87
Book cover - Tribe of Millionaires
Part personal development guide, part adventure tale, Tribe of Millionaires teaches readers six timeless lessons about the power of those around us to transform our lives.

When Ethan Martinez receives a mysterious invitation after the death of his father, he embarks on an adventure not only to save his struggling business, but to discover his past. Traveling to a tropical island with the mysterious "Tribe of Millionaires," Ethan finds his whole approach to business and life shifting with each lesson. The more time Ethan spends with the enigmatic members of the tribe, the more he comes to realize that the answers he seeks are, as they are for all of us, hidden in plain sight. Visit Pat Hiban's Amazon Webpage.


The Troutman Family from Somerset County Pennsylvania
Diane Kelly Weintraub '68
Book Cover - The Troutman Family from Somerset County Pennsylvania
Wilhelm Trautman came from the German Palatinate to Pennsylvania about 1750 and built a life for himself and his family. The family prospered and lived out the dreams of our immigrant ancestor, Wilhelm Trautman. Visit Diane Kelly Weintraub's Amazon Webpage.


Yes, You Are Able
Theresa Harrison '80 / M'88
Book Cover - Yes, You Are Able
In Yes, You ARE Able, Theresa Harrison brings us on a journey to reach our highest peaks and summits, achieving all our biggest goals and dreams. An accomplished wife, mother, business owner, cancer survivor, speaker and much, much, more, Theresa opens her heart and life to share the tips and tricks of reaching heights of which we've only ever dreamed. She guides us through the twists and turns the path might take, offers the perspective that led to her success, and pushes us to our limits, further than we knew we could go. No matter where you are or where you've gone, there's no limit on where you can go. Yes, you ARE able!