Leadership Studies Advisory Committee

Committee mission: The mission of the Leadership Studies Advisory Committee is to promote, recruit for, and retain Leadership Studies minors through advising, minor events, and outreach efforts; to offer input and options for curricular development and experiential learning to enhance student learning; and to embrace collaboration and information sharing involving curricular and co-curricular leadership education and development opportunities at FSU.

Dr. Elesha L. Ruminski*
Coordinator of the Leadership Studies Minor, Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Leadership Studies

John Adams
FSU alumnus, Environmental Specialist

Clarissa Lang
Interim Director of Leadership and Experiential Learning, Dept. of Student and Community Involvement

Dr. Diane C. Blankenship
Associate Professor of Recreation and Parks Management

Dr. Thomas L. Bowling
Vice President of Student Affairs

Annie Danzi
Assistant Professor, Mass Communication

Dr. Kurt Hoffman
Senior Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs, Allegany College of Maryland

Trevor Jones
FSU alumnus, Legislative Aid

Timothy Magrath
Executive Director of the J. Glenn Beall Institute for Public Affairs and Lecturer of Political Science

William Mandicott*
Assistant Vice President of Student and Community Involvement

Dr. Diane McMahon
Associate Professor of Sociology and Faculty Director of Service Learning and Civic Engagement Center, Allegany College of Maryland

Patrick O'Brien
Director, Office of Civic Engagement

Dr. Shavonne Shorter
FSU alumna, Assistant Professor, Bloomsburg State University

Dr. Molly Stoltz
Instructor, Communication Studies

Dr. Sheri A. Whalen
Associate Professor, Mass Communication

Jamie Winters
Director of Student Activities

*Leadership Studies Curriculum Committee Member