Staff Senate Bylaws


Basic to the effective operation of any system of higher education is the acceptance of the concept of shared governance. Shared governance should include participation by students, faculty, and staff. The non-faculty, non-bargaining unit employees at Frostburg State University provide a wide range of services and expertise that is critical to the fulfillment of the University's many missions. In recognition of this essential role, non-faculty, non-bargaining unit employees will have a voice in basic decisions that affect the welfare of the University and its employees, including an informed advisory role in administrative areas.


The Frostburg State University Staff Senate (FSUSS) advises the President of Frostburg State University and provides representation for the University on the Council of University System Staff (CUSS). The FSUSS acts on behalf of staff employees who are not represented by collective bargaining. It has the responsibility to consider and make recommendations to the President on institutional and statewide issues that affect staff employees and to inform eligible employees about topics of importance concerning Frostburg State University and the University System of Maryland. The FSUSS is an essential component of shared governance at Frostburg State University.

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