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All international students are required to live in the local area to ensure that you are able to attend  classes and participate in campus and community activities. 

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is available for both graduate and undergraduate students. On-campus residence hall housing contracts are for September to May (fall and spring semesters) or January to May (spring semester only). Once you move into a residence hall, you are obligated to remain there until the end of your contract in May.

Residence Halls offer many advantages. They are close to the academic buildings and library, close to dining hall services (meals are provided) and there are programs and recreational activities available to help you meet other students and adjust to your new surroundings. Most residence halls are co-ed, that is, have both males and females living in the same building. However, some residence halls are all female and some are all male.

Basic furnishings are provided except for bed linens, which may be rented temporarily or purchased after arriving here. Beyond this, you may furnish and decorate your room to suit yourself. Very soon it will look lived in and feel more like home! Rooms are equipped with refrigerator/freezers and microwave oven. Most residence halls have a small kitchen where you can occasionally prepare food such as a favorite dish from your country.

Off-Campus Housing

This may be hard to find upon arrival and is often expensive. Houses, apartments, and rooms in private houses are available. If you prefer to find off campus housing, it is recommended that you arrive in Frostburg at least a week prior to the start of classes. You should also be prepared to stay in a hotel while you look for housing. The average cost of a hotel is $80 per night. Keep in mind that some of these facilities may not be convenient to campus and transportation can be a problem. Arrangements for off-campus housing must be made between the student and the landlord. In most apartments or houses, monthly bills include:

Initial Expenses: hook up fees, furniture, lights, curtains, etc. $250. - $350.
Water, Trash, & Sewage $30 Electric $70
Gas $96 Phone (with no long distance calls) $20
Food $150 - $200 Rent $225

(These are monthly estimated costs and will vary depending upon house size, number of roommates, and personal preferences.)

Even if you choose to live off-campus, meals may still be purchased at the University dining hall as individual meals, or for a full semester through a meal ticket plan.