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African American Studies Minor

African American Studies students gain a deeper insight into society, learning from the remarkable experiences of people who, despite slavery, colonialism and oppression, accomplished astonishing achievements and rose to great heights in the sciences, performing arts, politics and all other disciplines. FSU’s program features diverse faculty, engaging classes and a location with a surprisingly complex history of its own.

Cultural Anthropology Minor

Cultural Anthropology students will study how people live in different cultures and different parts of the world, from the forests of Polynesia to the bustle of New York City, and use what they learn to solve issues in their own social spheres. Anthropologists dig into the pressing questions of not just what people do, but how and why they do it.

Foreign Languages & Literature Major

The modern world holds many opportunities for professionals trained in a second language, from translating documents to interpreting in hospitals, courtrooms and businesses, or teaching either in the USA or abroad. Foreign Language & Literature students gain lifelong skills pertaining to a variety of situations, particularly those who desiring to work in a global industry.

International Studies Major

International Studies Major is an interdisciplinary program. A group of foundation (core) courses acquaints students with the changing nature of the world and how these changes present new and complex challenges for those concerned with global, national, and local issues. Core courses include work in international studies, history, geography, economics, and political science.

The program also allows students to develop specialized knowledge in one of four specific fields of International Studies: International Business, International Politics, International Economics, or International Development.

Women Studies Program

The Women's Studies minor is a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary approach to integrating knowledge about women and gender across the academic curriculum.  Women's Studies at Frostburg State University explores the impact of gender and other types of diversity on the scope, methods, and assumptions of academic disciplines such as art, philosophy, music, theatre, history, literature, psychology and sociology.

Study Abroad

In addition to our formal academic programs, FSU offers study abroad opportunities through the Center for International Education including destinations such as Africa, Ecuador, England, Germany, Ireland, ISEP, Italy, Mexico City, Quebec, Spain.

The Center for International Education (CIE) promotes, coordinates and supports FSU’s study abroad programs and sponsors international co-curricular programs on campus. The Center’s Director is advised by the International Education Council consisting of students, faculty and administrators.

The Center for International Education houses information on the many study abroad opportunities available to FSU students; CIE’s library includes program materials, guides to study abroad programs and financial aid information.


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