Spring 2021 Plan and Information
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Residency Requirement

Frostburg State University requires all full-time first-year students to live in one of the on-campus residence halls or Edgewood Commons Apartments for four consecutive semesters and transfer students two consecutive semesters. This policy applies to all first-time FSU students with less than 18 accumulated college credits on the first day of classes for the fall or spring semester and transfer students with less than 36 credits on the first day of classes for the fall or spring semester. FSU believes that on-campus residency promotes student success and retention

The Housing Exemption Committee will meet regularly to determine approvals and will communicate decisions within five business days of these meetings. The committee’s decision is final.

Students may request exemption to this policy for the following reasons:




Supporting Documentation


Students living at home with a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian, in Allegany, Garrett, Mineral, Bedford and Somerset Counties on a full-time basis. Address must be established prior to initial enrollment. Owning a secondary residence in these counties does not satisfy the requirement.

A copy of any document that verifies the student, parent, or guardian’s residence.


Students who are married.

A copy of a marriage license.


Students who have a dependent child of whom they have legal custody

A copy of a birth certificate or legal custody/visitation order


Students who have reached the age of 21 prior to the first day of classes

According to official FSU student record


Students with disabilities who cannot be accommodated within one of the residence halls or Edgewood Commons.

Students must register with Disability Support Services and receive a recommendation for accommodation from a licensed provider external to FSU.

Veteran/ Reserve

Students who are veterans or currently in reserve status or National Guard

Current military documentation through the Veterans Services Center.


OTHER: Students not meeting any of the criteria above may submit an application for the committee to consider. Exemptions not meeting the criteria above will be provided only under extreme and limited circumstances. Students will be responsible for submitting appropriate detailed documentation supporting their request.

Housing contracts are for the entire school year, from August to May, and students who sign a housing contract, are required to live on campus for the entirety of that contract.  The Housing Application can be filled out through the housing self-service portal on the FSU Residence Life page. 

All full-time, first-year FSU students are required to complete one of two applications: our application to receive housing OR the application for exemption to the residency requirement. To reach either application, use this link and click on "Apply for Housing."


  • First and second year students must complete either a housing application or an exemption request online. To reach either application, use this link and click on "Apply for Housing." The application for housing at Edgewood Commons is available online.

  • Students who meet any of the above criteria are welcome to apply for housing regardless of status.

  • Students admitted for Fall semester must apply for exemption no later than June 15th.; students admitted after June 15th must apply for exemption within 30 days of payment of the FSU advance fee deposit ($150). Students admitted for Spring semester must apply for exemption no later than January 15.

  • Students who fail to request exemption or to apply for housing by July 15 will be assigned to and billed for a double-occupancy room and for the default meal plan. Students requesting exemption after the deadline date will be subject to an administrative fee of $30.

  • Mid-year exemptions will be not granted for first and second year students since the housing contract is in effect for the full academic year.