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The Residence Life Office
The Residence Life Office serves as the central office for the entire residence hall system. Here, students, as well as professional staff, work to ensure that your living environment is not only comfortable and satisfying, but also a real part of students' total educational experience. The offices for the Director of Residence Life and Assistant Directors are located in the Residence Life Office.

Director of Residence Life
The Director is responsible for the overall leadership of the entire Residence Life Office and shares with the Associate Director responsibility for all administrative aspects of the office. The Director reports to the Assistant Vice-President of Student Affairs and is responsible for the creation and implementation of the RLO Strategic Plan and Mission.

Assistant Directors
The Assistant Director’s (ADs) are responsible for overall management of the residence halls. Their primary function is to assist students in the areas of educational and social development and personal growth and to facilitate students’ adjustment to university and residential hall life. The Assistant Directors also train and supervise a staff of Hall Directors (HDs) and Resident Assistants (RAs), coordinate the developmental and educational programming for the halls, promote leadership development and community building, and introduce new concepts that will make residence hall living a more rewarding and meaningful experience for residential students. ADs manage the operational processes of room changes, housing sign up, break stays, and work orders as well as other minor facilities upgrades for the residence halls.

Hall Directors
Every residence hall has a live-in Hall Director who advise and work as liaisons between the residents, the RAs, and the Assistant Directors. These staff members are responsible for aiding in the writing of work orders, incident reports, and other duties as assigned. They also advise the Hall Councils in the building to which they are assigned, as well as assist and support the hall programs and activities. Hall Directors supervise a staff of RAs in their assigned building. Additionally, graduate and intern level Hall Directors serve as hearing officers for administrative and panel hearings.

Resident Assistants
Resident Assistants (RAs) are the smiling faces of the Residence Life Office who live and work in our residence halls. They are undergraduate students who live in the residence halls to aid the residents in their adjustment to university life. The RAs are responsible for informing residents of the various rules and regulations as well as information concerning university resources and programs. There will be one RA in each building on duty each night to assist residents with any of a variety of problems, including personal counseling, information, or discipline. The RAs are very important resources for all students who live in the residence halls.