Frequently Asked Questions

On-Campus Housing imageInformation subject to change. Please contact the Residence Life Office for updated information.

Will I have a roommate?
The majority of our First-year student rooms are double occupancy, meaning two students per room. Some third floor rooms in our traditional halls were built to accommodate three students and currently house two students, these are "deluxe doubles" and are considerably larger than the traditional double rooms and are equipped with larger microfridges. 

Can I choose my roommate?
When a resident applies for housing they are able to request a roommate through our online process. If there is a mutual request for a preferred roommate by both individuals and their preferred housing options match, we will give first preference to this kind of mutual request. 

What if I don't know anyone to room with?
The housing request form asks you to indicate your preferences on a number of roommate compatibility factors. We use that information to match you with a roommate who considers the same factors most important. The earlier you submit your housing request, the more likely you will be placed with a roommate who shares your preferences.

Will I be guaranteed a room on campus?
Because of the two year residency requirement, all first and second year students are guaranteed housing in either the residence halls or in Edgewood Commons our private partner apartment complex. All other students are guaranteed on campus housing if they fill out their housing application by May 1st.

Am I required to live on campus?
FSU has a two year live-on residency requirement. Should a student wish to request an exemption to this policy, they can do so on the Housing Portal. Traditionally, over 90% of new students have chosen to live on campus due to the proximity to classes, the convenience of the meal plans, and the relative ease of adjustment that comes with living in a residence hall community.

When will I be notified of my room assignment?
Since many students meet and get acquainted with other new students at our summer Bobcat Welcome Session, we wait until after the last session before making room assignments. Generally, assignments letters, including the names and addresses of assigned roommates, are emailed in mid-to-late July.

What if I don't get along with my roommate once we move in together?
Our residential staff members are trained to help roommates communicate with each other, to identify what they consider important, and to negotiate the "roommate agreement." However, if roommates decide that they are not compatible, the staff will also facilitate a room change for one or the other roommate. The only times that room changes are not allowed are during the first two weeks of any semester; these "room freeze" periods give us time to verify vacancies and maximize the options for those who wish to relocate.

How large are the rooms?
Though room sizes vary, most double rooms are about 12' x 12', and most deluxe double rooms about 12' x 20'. 

What size are the beds?
Most of our beds are twin sized, requiring standard twin sheets. Annapolis, Brownsville, Cumberland, Frederick, Frost, Simpson and Westminster Hall are furnished with extra-long twin beds and therefore need extra-long twin sheets. Students who live within another hall may make a request to the Residence Life Office for an extra long bed either through email or by calling our office directly. Requests will be considered and approved based on availability of mattresses. All requests must be made after students receive their specific room assignment.

Can first-year students have cars?
Any student is allowed to have a car on campus, as long as they register the vehicle for on-campus parking. The registration fee is included in the housing cost for on-campus residents (other students as well as staff and faculty pay $40)

How are the rooms furnished?
Each roommate gets a bed & mattress, desk & chair, dresser, and closet. Each room also comes with a Microfridge, which is a combination refrigerator, freezer & microwave. Each room has their own wireless box, giving access to the FSU internet network. Residence Hall students also have access to Xfinity On Campus, offering cable channels, on demand, and DVR services on and off campus. Air conditioning is not available in most of our residence halls, but students are welcome to bring fans.

What facilities are available in each hall?
Each building has one or more laundry rooms, with access to free, unlimited use of machines for residents only. Each building also has at least one kitchen, except Sowers Hall, along with recreational and study lounges. The buildings also feature vending machines from which students may buy products using their Bobcat debit card or cash.

Is there a curfew?
While there is no curfew for residents, safety requires certain limitations. All residence halls are locked at all hours and residents must use their room keys or ID cards to enter their buildings. In all of our residence halls, guests and visitors must be accompanied by their host at all times.

What about safety?
Frostburg State University has been consistently rated as one of the safest colleges in Maryland over the past few years. However, we encourage students not to be lulled into a false sense of security; the best way for students to protect themselves against crime is to be aware and responsible. We encourage students to always lock their room doors, walk with a friend at night, and take other steps to decrease their chances of becoming a victim of crime.